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Middle Child Day


      (Edith Crawley of Downton Abbey, Lisa Simpson of the Simpsons, and Theo Huxtable of the Cosby Show) In observance of Middle Child Day coming up on August 12, I’d like… Continue reading

The Lewis Carroll Gardens


There is something profound about the places in which writers find the peace and inspiration to create.  I remember a teacher once saying that some Renaissance painters used to keep jewels near their palates… Continue reading



She’s walking purposefully up the sidewalk carrying only a small purse, which matches her smart but flattering dress suit that she made last winter.  Her hair is shining neatly under a perfectly pinned… Continue reading

It’s Time to Meet the Muppets


It’s time to light the lights… When the snow started falling a this past October, I decided to stage a private rebellion by popping in my favorite Christmas movie, weeks before my Scroogey… Continue reading



“At the quilting bee, one might have learned.. how to bring up babies, how to mend a cracked teapot, how to take out grease from brocade, how to reconcile absolute decrees with free… Continue reading

Books and Readability


I have to admit that my re-introduction to Jane Austen really began with a celebrity crush.   Through this though, I found a new love for the sassy, smart and surprisingly hilarious Miss… Continue reading



Last Tuesday night, I brought a small package of kimchi to have with some noodles for dinner.  The smell that wafted through the library required some explanation on my part, and as my colleague tried to find… Continue reading

Enjoying the Apocalypse


       Enjoying the Apocalypse                             Last summer a good friend of mine sent a group of us an email writing that she felt we should discuss and decide upon a plan for where to meet up… Continue reading

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