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Of the exotic places I’ve traveled to, India is by far my favorite destination. I have a deep attraction to the Indian culture because of its fascinating history, its ancient wisdom and alluring… Continue reading



One of the perks of raising a girl today, in my experience, lies in the opportunity to provide her with an education that will expand her expectations of herself. Today, a rich literature on… Continue reading



Over time I have come to believe that the movie industry in France is one of the nation’s richest cultural legacies. Since I moved away from Europe many years ago, viewing a French… Continue reading

The Amazing Philharmonic


If you haven’t yet attended the philharmonic,  I suggest you consider putting the experience on top of your  list of  things “not to be missed.”  You need not be a musical scholar to savor… Continue reading

Community Service – Vitamins For Mind And Food For The Soul


Working for the welfare of others, commonly known as community service,  is an essential ingredient in keeping my life fulfilled and in bringing me lasting peace of mind.  I learned over the years that the reward… Continue reading

Sell Your House In A Tough Market: Simple Staging Strategies


Selling a house has become a very challenging undertaking these days. Due to an unsettled economic climate, the task can be daunting to the seller, and may imply taking a significant loss in one’s life savings. We’ve all… Continue reading

Switzerland The Beautiful


Born and raised in Switzerland, I came to America in my mid-twenties. The culture of Switzerland has settled into my DNA, and today forms an integral part of my identity.  Most people know this… Continue reading

Good Dog! (New Perspectives On The Relationship Between Man And His Best Friend)


The permanent residents in my house today consist of three dogs, a cat – and me. On occasions, my children will claim residence at this address as well. When you enter my home… Continue reading

Indian Vegetarian Cuisine: Exotic and Perfectly Balanced


When I was growing up, my family and I had the privilege of traveling around the globe  extensively. Visiting many regions of the world  provided me with a rich and unique education, and opened… Continue reading

Reading: A Powerful Tool For Self-discovery


In today’s busy and often stressful world, there are several tools available for us to remain centered, balanced and connected to the stillness at the core of our being. In my own life, reading an… Continue reading

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