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Sweet Dreams…of a new ipod


  I don’t need a heartbreaker Fifty-faced trouble maker Two timing time taker Dirty little money maker Muscle bound cheap skate Low down woman hater Triple crossing double dater Yella bellied alligator…(Eurythmics)  … Continue reading

Oh No! Not More Snow!


More snow? More snow means more time in the house with the family. Snow days are always fun and special. We love to stay snuggled up in our cozy houses, curled up on the… Continue reading

Top Ten of 2010


Greetings my fellow readers!  I finally  finished up my 2010 reading journal and I am currently preparing my first entry for my 2011 journal. Throughout the year, I keep an ongoing list in a journal… Continue reading

Oh! The Holiday Cheer….. BAH!


It is that time of year again, the crazy holiday season. The time when it seems every one is stressed, tired and very irritable. Whether it be on the road, standing in those… Continue reading

Look OUT!!!


I always said it would be my husband’s responsibility to teach our children how to drive. However, it initially did not turn out this way. I have just finished my second on- road driving lesson with our… Continue reading

Junior Year


Life sure has a way of sneaking up on you. One minute you are staring at this beautiful, chubby, little infant wondering, what do I do now? Then the next minute you are… Continue reading

A New Homeowner’s Vacation


This week I am away from the library on vacation. As I have written in one of my recent blogs, we are new homeowners. It is my first full week off in the… Continue reading

Artist in Residence


         For the past few years, my husband has done the extraordinary summer reading posters for the OWL. I love seeing his work hanging on the big windows and watching the children happily placing their stickers… Continue reading

Jack Is Back….


We all have our guilty pleasures with reading (or at least I admit that I do). Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is mine!  I have been saving Lee Child’s novel Gone Tomorrow for my summer… Continue reading

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud


There we sat, 8th graders in English class with Sister Joan. She was the quintessential teacher– tall, thin, bespectacled and very stern. Poetry was our lesson at hand. She had our homework assignment written in… Continue reading

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