Interconnected Short Story Collections

For novel-only readers who aren’t convinced about trying short stories, get your feet wet with these wonderful interconnected short story collections. Each story contributes to a larger picture that ends up feeling more like a novel than a set of separate stories.


Perhaps the best known example of this format is Pulitzer Prize winner Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. Each story, whether told from Olive’s point-of-view or not, helps to further develop this fascinating central character.


The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day tells the story of Lima, Indiana–a fictional town where members of a circus spend their winters. The stories focus on different characters across eras and upbringings who are either in the circus or a part of its orbit.


Author Junot Diaz centers each story in this collection around Yunior–a protagonist enamored with love but consistently sabotaged by his own recklessness. Inventive, tender, and funny This Is How You Lose Her is an interconnected story collection that is not to be missed.

Happy Reading!


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