Short Stories-Aimee Bender

For the next several weeks we’ll be focusing on short fiction gems that are easily lost in the stacks. I have a passion for short story collections and my favorite author in this medium is Aimee Bender. Whimsical, daring, provocative, surreal, and unforgettable are the primary adjectives that come to mind when I think of Ms. Bender’s stories. Here are her collections:


The Girl in the Flammable Skirt  Aimee Bender’s stories portray a world twisted on its axis, a place of unconvention that resembles nothing so much as real life, in all its grotesque, beautiful glory.


Willful Creatures conjures a fantastical world in which authentic love blooms. With her singular mix of surrealism, musical prose, and keenly felt emotion, Bender once again proves herself to be a masterful chronicler of the human condition.


The Color Master  In these deeply resonant stories–evocative, funny, beautiful, and sad–we see ourselves reflected as if in a funhouse mirror. Aimee Bender has once again proven herself to be among the most imaginative, exciting, and intelligent writers of our time.

Enjoy this brilliant and wildly different author.

*Brief synopses taken from the publisher.




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