What I’ve Been Watching


I’ve never been a vengeful person but I am completely hooked on the devilishly well written TV series Revenge. In the show, Emily VanCamp portrays a young, intelligent, and beautiful socialite who is a newcomer to the high society of the Hamptons. Under the guise of a false identity and a sweet and charitable demeanor, Emily has one mission- to destroy the wealthy people who were responsible for her father’s wrongful incarceration and murder when she was just a child. However, “he who seeks revenge should dig two graves” and for every person Emily cunningly smites she also sacrifices a piece of her humanity in the process. Whether or not she will completely succeed in avenging her father in the end may depend on how much collateral damage she is willing to inflict on those closest to her heart. Each and every episode of this suspenseful drama is filled with clever twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

-Tricia Messenger is the Library Assistant and Publicity Coordinator for the Oliver Wolcott Library

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