What I’ve Been Watching

bones (1)

My husband and I started watching the television show based on Kathy Reichs’ book series, Bones. It has all the good ingredients of a successful, long lasting show (now in its tenth season): great chemistry between main characters, love triangles galore, and bizarre murder mysteries that you hope never happen to anyone you know! The two main characters, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan and FBI special agent Seeley Booth, have the same sexual chemistry that Mulder and Scully had throughout the X-Files. Most episodes end with my husband and me yelling at the TV telling the characters to just take the plunge already. Their props department does a fantastic job of creating skeletons that have exploded, melted, and decayed after endless murder scenarios. We even watch the DVD extras about how the special effects department makes some scenes come to life. And, no binge watching season is complete without a gag reel where you get to see the stars of the show grasp for words and try not to giggle through an autopsy.


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