What I’ve Been Reading




Brilliant! Blending a true unsolved mystery with fiction, author Ariel Lawhon creates an unforgettable story with a satisfying and brilliant ending. In The Wife, the Maid and the Mistress, Lawhon sets out to imagine the truth behind the real-life disappearance of New York Supreme Court Judge Joseph Crater on August 6, 1930.  As Booklist writes, “In this tale of Jazz Age New York, Lawhon walks one of fiction’s trickiest tightropes, creating a novel that is both genuinely moving and full of pulpy fun. It’s 1930, and a corrupt judge has gone missing. Newly promoted police officer Jude Simon is assigned the case and hunts among the speakeasies, Broadway theaters, and wealthy apartments of New York, only to be blocked at every turn. He’s stymied in particular by the three women in the judge’s life: his jaded wife; his sly mistress; and worst of all, his frightened maid, who happens to be Simon’s wife. The women’s stories throw a harsh light on New York in the 1930s, when gangsters ruled the city and women were pawns in their games….It’s a great story, told with verve and feeling”.

~Ann Marie

Ann Marie White is the Library Director at the Oliver Wolcott Library

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