What I’ve Been Reading

higher call
It’s not often that a book will bring so many tears to my eyes that I have difficulty reading the pages, but the real life story of two enemies and a heroic act of compassion in A Higher Call is as captivating as it is moving. In what is heralded as “the most incredible encounter between enemies during World War II”, author Adam Makos transports the reader back in time to December 20, 1943 when a German flying ace, in a treasonous act of mercy, secretly escorts a lone and damaged American B-17 bomber from enemy territory to the safety of the English Channel. In A Higher Call we come to know, and compassionately understand, the life stories of both pilots as well as the circumstances that led each of these men into war; their quest to find one another after forty years have passed; and a deeply profound friendship that was forged over war torn skies.

Tricia Messenger is the Library Assistant and Publicity Coordinator for the Oliver Wolcott Library

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