What I’ve Been Watching

Jack Bauer

With the resurgence of action hero Jack Bauer in the new release of 24: Live Another Day, I’ve decided to give the television show “24” a shot (pun intended!). The original show ran for eight seasons and was groundbreaking in terms of filming scenes in “real time” (one-hour of television equals one-hour of “real life”). Each season equals one day in counter intelligence officer Jack Bauer’s life. His mission is to save the world and he does so again and again battling terrorists and nuclear weapons, while becoming close with American Presidents. The action, suspense, betrayal and intrigue set the bar for an action show. Give it a try, but don’t watch too close to bedtime. Your heart will be racing too much to go to sleep!

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who is counting down the days for 24: Live Another Day to be released on DVD.

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