Counting Down February

Counting Down February 



February is the shortest month of the year, and for such a short month it is bursting with tons to do and filled with events and celebrations to partake in. Now that the craziness of the holiday season has dispersed, it’s time to start foreseeing warmer days ahead and mark your calendar with some exciting events concealed within the days of February!

February is hosp2t to two exciting month-long events: Black History Month and National Bird Feeding Month. This year the theme for Black History Month is, “Civil Rights in America”, chronicling the important milestones by African-Americans and others in the battle for civil rights and equal treatment under the law. A Dream of Freedom by Diane McWhorter is a great read for an overview of the Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968. This book has nicely condensed chapters highlighting important events within the Civil Rights Movement from Little Rock in 1957 to the Albany Movement in 1962 and many more. Let Freedom Ring by Kitty Kelley is another excellent history book that focuses on the images of the March on Washington. Within the pages of this book moments captured from this time in history bring you a connection with the people and events. For an inspirational read consider Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement by Barbara Ransby. Ella Baker was considered to be one of the most important African-American leaders of the twentieth century and perhaps the most influential woman in the Civil Rights Movement.

National Bird Feeding month has also found a home in February. It was created to educate the public and help raise awareness on wild bird feeding and bird watching as a hobby. This event is a great opportunity to find out if you have a hidden passion for bird watching or birds in general. During this month-long event the public is encouraged to purchase some bird seed and participate in feeding the bird wildlife during the winter month, where bird food is scarce. Some great books to help you get started with bird watching are: The Complete Birdhouse Book by Donald and Lillian Stokes, walks you through what types of birdhouses to build to attract certain birds, 1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know by Sharon Stiteler, has information on everything from feeding and saving baby birds to platform nests. And The Sibley Guide to Birds by David Allen Sibley will help you identify any bird in your backyard with excellent keys, maps and general information.


Another February favorite of mine is the comedy Groundhog Day featuring Bill Murrary and Annie Mcdowell. The legend goes that if the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd there will be six more weeks of winter; if he does not, there will be an early spring. I love to celebrate this event by watching the Groundhog Day film where Murray’s character finds himself repeating February 2nd.

On Sunday February 2nd The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will battle for the championship for the 48th Super Bowl. In preparation for the big game I found that Football Winning Defense by Bud Wilkinson was a helpful book in understanding game rules and plays. And The Ultimate Super Bowl Book by Bob McGinn was an exceptional history book providing a chronology of Super Bowl History right from the start.

The Oliver Wolcott Library has recently acquired a new museum pass to the Norman Rockwell Art Museum, just in time to celebrate Normal Rockwell’s birthday on February 3rd.  The OWL pass allows free general admission for four individuals. The Norman Rockwell Art Museum is located in Stockbridge Massachusetts and there are always exciting events happening at the museum so be sure to check out their website, for more information on current exhibits and events to plan an extraordinary day.

On February 7th celebrate National Red Day. This event was created to raise awareness of heart disease for women, and the public is encouraged to wear red in support and to get educated on the subject. To read a moving tale on heart disease, Take It to Heart by Pamela Serure is the perfect selection. This book is about the author who was diagnosed with heart disease at age 47. After completing a triple bypass surgery she became inspired to help educate other wop8men on the dangers of the disease and what to look for with symptoms. Another great read to raise awareness is Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart: published by Harvard Medical School Special Health Report. It is a small report that gets right to the point for eating right and exercising to maintain a healthy heart.

My favorite day in February is Valentine’s Day! And my favorite way to get in the spirit for this holiday is to spend a relaxing day and watching a few romantic films such as Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling and Something Borrowed featuring Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield. However you plan to spend your February the Oliver Wolcott Library is here to help you celebrate this short month that is packed full of exciting events and celebrations

~Jacqueline is a library assistant at the Oliver Wolcott Library

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