Tis the Season!

pic1Tis the season to be festive!

Regardless of what is celebrated in your household,

December is that long awaited month to have an excuse to feel a little merrier.

Whether you are high in anticipation of the first snow fall (and the first snow day!), watching the endless

Christmas movies,  preparing decorations, or just getting excited to relax by the fire during these crazy times,

this is the season to finally have a celebration of another year, and begin preparing for the next one to come.



Cards, Decorations & Crafts

This is the time of the year where the mail becomes a little more exciting. Friends and family often start to send those “I’m thinking about you cards” to give yearly updates and reminders that they are still glad to be in your life. For those of you that respond with your own seasonal cards, consider looking into some of the Oliver Wolcott Library’s’ card making books such as Ultimate Card Making and Creative Greeting Cards to give your cards that homemade special touch and remind your friends and family that you are thinking of them too. And for those of you with a mailing list a little too long to make custom cards, check out our hand writing books such as The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering to learn how to make a personal touch signature for each of those close to your heart!

 There are tons of decoration and craft books in both the juvenile and adult section of the 745s in the Library. Some that I found to be interesting and helpful to keep the season exciting is Christmas Stitchery, Ultimate Christmas, and Celebrate the Season. Something unique that you might want to try out this year is having colorful orbs decorating your walkways.  When reading a festive book at OWL, I stumbled upon what I believe is my new favorite part about the colder weather. Last year I began making these simple fun creations and now they have become a holiday favorite. Although I am ashamed to say that I do not remember the book that I found this craft in, it is a very easy one to make. Maybe when looking through OWL’s festive collection you might also stumble upon it!

How-to recipe

Take a water balloon, add 3-4 drops of food coloring inside, fill with water and let it freeze for two days in weather below 25ºF, unwrap, and voila!

pic4 pic5 pic6


For the party and social life lovers, there’s no better time to create the perfect party memories then during the festive season. OWL has a wonderful collection of books to help you make your party season memorable and stress free. There are books from theme decorating, catering, to the simple things such as napkin folding, which can add the perfect touches to your party. Most of the festive books also include a delicious menu and recipes that can leave your guests speechless. For a stress free party season refer to the “You’re Invited” blog posted by Ann Marie which goes more in depth on how to create the picture-perfect party season. (https://owlibrary.wordpress.com/author/annmariew/)


For the past two years the Oliver Wolcott Library has been very excited to have Peter Tavino and his friends, come and perform a show for our patrons. In past years he has done two radio stage performances, it’s a Wonderful life and A Christmas Carol. This year, on Wednesday December 18th, we are welcoming him back with a performance titled Songs of the Season with OWL Friends. This performance will be a night to remember with live seasonal songs and their history. For registration for this event or more information about the performance you can visit our website under the adult programs tab, and you can also call in to register over the phone.

The holiday season is a crazy one. Between parties, shopping, plays, decorating and trying to remember which way is up in all the chaos, always remember to take the time to enjoy it as well.  The Oliver Wolcott Library has a wonderful selection of holiday films, musical CDs and fiction novels that can help you take a minute to relax from all the craziness and enjoy what makes the season so special. With the classical Christmas movies like Rudolph, Miracle on 34th street and a Christmas Carol, take a moment to unwind and venture back to the inspirational tales that give this season its magical feel. For those of you who pride yourself in your meticulous decorations, browse our seasonal musical CD section to find tunes to make the decorating a little more fun. For those of you looking to get in the spirit of the holiday season, the Oliver Wolcott Library is here to help you along the way with ideas, recipes, and 101 tips!

~Jacqueline Zdanis is a Librarian Assistant at Oliver Wolcott Library

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