I Rest My Case

barry-zuckerkornbob loblawmaggie lizer

I am counting down the days until the new season of Arrested Development airs. The cult comedy, about the Bluth family whose patriarch lands in jail, will air one more season after a seven-year wait! Ten years ago the show debuted on Fox and was short-lived, lasting only three seasons. Fans of the show have been asking for a movie since the show ended, and producers have exceeded the hard-core fans’ dreams! The show’s quick wit and dry-humored dialogue make for a fun half-hour. It’s not your typical sitcom with a laugh track. I find myself laughing so often, I have to frequently pause and rewind so I don’t miss anything important.

My husband and I still quote the show in our everyday life. In preparation for the upcoming big event we reviewed the first three seasons and realized that our favorite characters are the family’s lawyers. One attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn, is played by Henry Winkler (better known to some as Fonzie). He comes up with his own catchphrase to promote his law office, “He’s very good.” Indeed, he is not…at all. He is always unprepared for meetings blaming his late night excursions as the reason.

Eventually the family replaces him with another “Happy Days” alum; Scott Baio. His character name is Bob Loblaw (if you say it fast, it sounds like Blah Blah Blah). He is über prepared with the help of a stenographer, and frequently over-bills clients for his work. There is always a tongue twister with his name, mostly seen in newspaper clippings on the show: “Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb;” “Bob Loblaw Launches Law Blog.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the prosecutor named Maggie Lizer. She introduces herself as “Maggie, who Lies her ass off.” Her character is blind and she has a dog named Justice. She has a tryst with one of the main characters, complicating the plot even further! Maggie stars in only a few episodes, but I’m hoping she’ll make an appearance in the new season. Until then, I’ve been on a kick with other colorful lawyers in OWL’s collection waiting anxiously. Here are some lawyers who have been keeping me busy:

Saul goodman

Another dysfunctional family is the Whites from Breaking Bad. Their patriarch begins to cook meth to pay for cancer treatment. His brother is a DEA agent, so he ends up needing a lawyer pretty fast. Saul Goodman fits the bill running television ads with catchphrases such as “I’ll turn your drug addiction into a prescription” and “I can prove that baby’s not yours.” This lawyer has an office in a strip mall with a giant inflatable Statue of Liberty floating above the banner sign to advertise his office. As you can imagine he adds a lot of color to the show. My husband and I even watched the bonus features on the DVD of his unaired commercials!

beth davenport

Jim Rockford of the Rockford Files is a hard man to keep out of alleged trouble. After going to prison for four years that he was eventually pardoned from, he just can’t shake the cops off his back. His trusty sidekick, Beth Davenport, keeps him on the right side of the law over and over again. Their chemistry is fun to watch, and she gives the law a good name. She would never over-charge or display shady ads for business because Rockford keeps her busy.


There are plenty of fictional lawyers who live on the dark side. One of my favorites is Patty Hewes from the television series Damages. She devotes her days taking down “bullies” who misuse their power. She’ll do anything necessary to get justice for her clients and she is impossible to stop watching.

In addition to popular television series, OWL owns a number of films that feature variegated lawyers. Jim Carrey’s Fletcher is unable to tell lies for one day in Liar Liar. It makes his job quite difficult and it’s plain fun to watch! Leonardo DiCaprio’s characterization of con-man Frank Connors in Catch Me If You Can is equally entertaining. In addition to posing as a lawyer, he pretends to be a doctor and a pilot while running away from a FBI agent played by Tom Hanks. And it’s hard to keep your eyes off Matthew McConaughey’s Mick in Lincoln Lawyer. His version of a defense lawyer who operates out of his Lincoln car is a simply a treat.

Now, if I were in trouble, what fictional lawyer would I call?

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who will be watching Fracture and Michael Clayton this weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Rest My Case

  1. Great blog. Just started watching Arrested Development in re-runs. It’s a great show. Hysterical yet “clean” humor. The characters are priceless!

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