Best of 2012

Throughout the year, the OWL blog enlightens, entertains and informs. We now average about 65 readers each and every day! That’s about 24,000 views of our blog each year. We started the OWL Blog back in February of 2007 and have posted   277 blogs since its inception. I am the only blog writer that has written since the beginning and without interruption, but I am thrilled to report about two founders who are now back to blog writing. In December, Jesse returned to writing blogs. Welcome back Jesse! And, beginning in February of 2013, another blog founder Patricia Horan Moore will be back to write more blogs!

Here is our annual calendar year of “The Best of OWL Blog”. This was a hard list to narrow down as we endeavor to keep the topics varied and the writing fresh. But, after happily browsing through all the months of the year blog-style, here are my top five picks for my favorites from 2012:

From Sarai’s blogs, I selected Inside the World of Downton Abbey posted on March 26, 2012: ” ‘My dear fellow, we all have chapters we’d rather keep unpublished.’ So speaks Lord Grantham, one of my favorite characters on the wildly popular PBS Masterpiece show Downton Abbey. The show seems to be on the lips and minds of everyone these days, including me. An avid viewer of Masterpiece Classic, which gets me through the long part of winter each year, I became enticed from the very first episode of Downton Season One last year. There is something about the characters and the world that one enters while watching the show that captivated me. I felt as if I was living during the Edwardian period, a part of the Crawley family…”

From Trish’s blogs, I selected Clay Dancing posted on March 12, 2012:  “For the last eighteen years of my life pottery and ceramics have been my passion. From that first moment when I sat behind the potter’s wheel, struggling to center a lifeless lump of mud, I knew deep within my soul that I had found my destiny. For many years I devoted myself entirely to learning the craft. I came to understand the language of clay through feeling and when I stopped struggling, I discovered that I had developed my own style and finesse. My fingers danced with the clay…”

From Lisa’s blogs, I selected Rocking with Tom Cruise posted on July 16, 2012: “During our most recent power outage my husband and I went to seek air conditioning in the movie theatre. We stared at the posters and picked Rock of Ages  knowing nothing about it…. The opening scene featured a girl taking the bus from mid-America to the City of Angels. The blonde shuffled through photos from home fending off the homesickness, and that’s when the music started. Not just background music, but live music… My husband and I looked at each in fright. We had just bought tickets to a musical! ‘What else are we going to do?’ asked Don. I shrugged and began to relax. Once Tom Cruise came on the screen, we were blown away!…”

From Karen’s blogs, I selected French Movies! posted on June 4, 2012:  “Over time I have come to believe that the movie industry in France is one of the nation’s richest cultural legacies…The French movie usually contains a rich and imaginative dialogue, leaving my attention fully engaged up to the very end – be it a drama or comedy… I find that in French films the interactions between the characters are realistic, richly layered, and multifaceted. More often than not, the characters are depicted as ambivalent in nature, leaving the audience actively involved, empathetic and contemplative. In most French movies, usual cliches and predictable dialogues are minimal or even absent. Banal sentimentality is replaced by a higher order of feelings and reflection…”

From my blogs, I selected Knitting posted on February 27: “I have a passion for knitting. I get great satisfaction in creating something from nothing.  With a pair of needles and a piece of yarn, suddenly a beautiful piece is created! I learned to knit thanks to the generous and wonderful hands and mind of Katie Aziz… Knitting has so many great benefits. In addition to creating beautiful and functional pieces of artistry, it easily travels anywhere…”

I hope you enjoyed our blogs this year as much as I did. I look forward to what everyone has to write about in 2013.

Happy New Year!

~Ann Marie

Ann Marie is the Library Director for the Oliver Wolcott Library

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