On the Road Again

My husband and I are in the midst of planning road trips for the spring and summer weekends. We love to get in the car and just go. Exploring the northeast is usually our summer “vacation.” Depending how much time we have, we cruise around Connecticut, or its surrounding states, looking for something to do. We’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from the stacks at OWL. Here are some ideas for you, too:   

How to Take a Road Trip is a beginner’s guide to packing up and going. It covers all the basics from creating a route and vehicle choices to food planning, staying overnight, and dealing with emergencies.

There are twenty-four wineries in our state to make day trips to, and five are within a twenty-minute drive of OWL. The local vineyards offer affordable tastings, yummy snacks, and great places to relax and enjoy the landscape. A new book, A History of Connecticut Wine, highlights our local businesses some of which date back to colonial days! This book gives you day trip ideas to last through the year. We can’t wait to check out the Saltwater Farm Vineyard this summer.

Off the Beaten Path: Connecticut offers local, unique treasures to visit during one day. We have a couple of favorite lunch runs we’ve taken from this book. One is to go the back roads to Bethel for a steak burger at Sycamore. Another is to go to Mystic and get the classic Mystic Pizza. We’ve never spotted Julia Roberts, but that doesn’t stop us from looking! We can’t wait to explore more trips from the book this year.

Going west, the Country Roads of New York is a resource for day trips and weekend excursions. We’ve done the Route 9 trip to Rhinebeck many times. The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is best visited on the weekends between May and October. They fly planes that date back into the early 1900s, and do mock dog fights. They usually have a stunt pilot who flies the Red Baron. This talented pilot stops the plane mid-air, then starts the engine up right before you think he’s going to crash! For the brave (or good wife who amuses her husband), you can take a trip in an open-cockpit bi-plane. Once I was up there, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. This year I’d like to try the trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. I’d love to check out all the cool exhibits and displays, and to see the Red Sox players on the No-Hitter Wall of Fame.

The Country Roads of Massachusetts is filled with ideas if you want to head north. Hiking and kayaking trails in the nearby Berkshires are highlighted. A lengthy chapter about cranberry country is included, too. My favorite fall trip is to go to Edaville Railroad. They have a cranberry harvest festival each year. You can even take a helicopter ride to view the area which is filled with fall foliage and various cranberry bogs. We’re planning on taking our friends with us this year to check out the sites and local foods.

My husband is a huge Guy Fieri fan and loves to watch his television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Fieri published a book by the same name that features places to eat home-cooked, regional foods. The book is broken down by region, and has the diner’s address, phone number, specialty dish, and Guy’s anecdotes. If you can’t travel to a restaurant, Guy was able to wrestle recipes from food owners. We’re planning on seeing the Red Sox play at Camden Yards, and Blue Moon Cafe is on our list. I’m dying to try their Cap’n Crunch French Toast!

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who can’t wait to feel the wind whipping in her face…

One thought on “On the Road Again

  1. Outstanding blog. We’re blessed to live in the land of the twisties, with some of the best driving roads anywhere. One can run for hours without ever hitting a traffic light. Ah, the blessings of the open road … there is nothing like it.

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