Sweet Dreams…of a new ipod


I don’t need a heartbreaker
Fifty-faced trouble maker
Two timing time taker
Dirty little money maker
Muscle bound cheap skate
Low down woman hater
Triple crossing double dater
Yella bellied alligator…(Eurythmics)


I recently had the unfortunate luck of having my ipod die on me. I knew the day would be coming soon when the battery would only stay charged for a short time. The ipod mini had served me well for quite a few years actually. I rewarded myself with a new one last weekend. I love the sleek design and nice shiny silver on the backside. I have moved up into the world of  the color screen and cool album cover flow. No more monochrome for me :)!

The best thing about getting a new ipod is having it completely empty. I have decided to start from scratch and not import my old playlists or albums. I had capped out my memory capacity on the old ipod and now with the new one, I have some room to spare. I can really have fun pulling out all our old cds and go crazy downloading them.

As I was organizing my stacks of albums and deciding what to put on my playlists, I came upon two of my all time favorites, The Eurythmics and Annie Lennox. The Eurythmics was a British Pop Rock band of the 80’s with Annie Lennox as the lead singer. Later in 1992, Lennox began a very successful solo career. She has a fantastic, powerful voice that is very easy to sing along to.

 A flood of memories from college came rushing back to me as I looked through the stack of albums. My roomate,Gina, and I would put on The Eurythmics and crank the stereo up as loud as the volume would allow. Our favorite songs were I Need a Man and Missionary Man. It was our pre-festivities warm up for an evening out on the town. Gina and I would be bellowing out the tunes as we got ready for a night of fun. That was over twenty years ago, hard to believe how time flies; I might not be bellowing out the tunes before a night out on the town(I got the man) but I do love to blast the music as I clean, take walks or just hang out at home.

So if you would like to “shake it”  to some tunes or just enjoy an amazing singer, check out some of the albums at the OWL:

My Favorite Eurythmic Albums and my favorite songs from each:

Ultimate Collection : This remastered greatest hits package was released in November of 2005. My top two songs: Sisters are Doin’ it For Themselves and Who’s That Girl.

Revenge: Released in 1986, the band changed their sound to be more of a pop rock genre. The album went Gold in the U.S. My top two songs: Missionary Man and Let’s Go.

Be Yourself Tonight: Produced in one week in Paris, this album includes additional musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Elvis Costello. The album dominated the charts in 1985. My top three songs:  I Love You Like a Ball and Chain, Better to Have Lost in Love and There Must Be an Angel

Sweet Dreams(are made of this) :  The album was the Eurythmics’ big break through with the popular title track, Sweet Dreams. Lennox quickly became an eclectic pop icon with her orange crew cut gracing the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. My top 2 songs:  Sweet Dreams and This is the House.

Touch: Released in 1983 as a follow up to Sweet Dreams. This upbeat album became the first number one album in the UK for the band. My top two songs: I love No Fear, No Hate, No Pain and Here Comes the Rain Again

My Favorite Annie Lennox Albums:

Songs of Mass Destruction Lennox’s fourth solo album which was released in 2007. My two top songs: Big Sky and Through the Glass Darkly

Bare: Lennox released this third solo album in 2003. Bare contains five top hits on the Billboard Chart.  My top two songs: Pavement Cracks and Wonderful

The Annie Lennox Collection The collection was Lennox’s first solo greatest hits package and was released in 2009. My two top songs: Why and No More I Love You’s

Diva : This was her first solo album. Released in 1992, it quickly became a popular success. The album went Platinum both in the U.S. and U.K. My top two songs: Keep Young and Beautiful and Legend in My Living Room

This Post is Authored by Audra, whose new Ipod is locked and loaded with new tunes!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams…of a new ipod

  1. Thanks for the infor about the Eurythmic. I have one of their album on my MP3 but I didn’t know much about the group. I will certainly check these out! Maybe it will help me get my house cleaned! Thanks Audra.

  2. It is amazing the power music has over us, helping us recall to mind a certain place, time, or even people we were with when we experienced the music.

    A great blog, but alas, I was a bit surprised not to see any of the Patridge Family/David Cassidy hits included in your list. Hopefully they will find their way to your iPod 😉

    Maybe some Springsteen?

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