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Each week throughout the year, a new OWL Blog is crafted. There are five of us on staff who write the OWL Blog: Audra, Lisa, Jesse, Sarai and myself. We rotate the weeks among us and it always delights me to see the variety and breadth of the topics covered. As the year comes to a close, I thought I would highlight my four favorite blogs from each writer posted this year.

My Top Four Picks for Audra’s Blogs:

1). Book Club Fantasies posted February 25: Haven’t we all dreamed of the perfect book club group where everyone is prepared, stays on topic, and has brilliant responses?

2). The Garden Gods Must be Laughing!  posted April 1: It’s no joke when on April Fool’s Day, Audra tells us about her garden trials and tribulations

3). New Homeowner’s Vacation posted August 19: What’s a new homeowner’s vacation like? Audra tells us all about it.

4). Look Out posted October 28: Her teenager daughter takes the wheel to start learning how to drive. Can Audra survive?

My Top Four Picks for Lisa:

1). Just One More Thing posted February 4: As a dedicated Peter Falk and Columbo fan, what is there not to love in this post?

2). It’s a Mad, Mad World posted July 29: This was the most intruiging blog to me. Very unique where Lisa takes the characters of Mad Men and finds a book to match.

3). A New Adventure posted September 2: Lisa fondly recalls her first day of Kindergarten. I love the opening photograph of little Lisa!

4). Hard Rock Shaia posted September 24: How does Lisa decorate her dining room?

Top Four Picks for Jesse:

1). Rags to Stitches posted March 4: Jesse and her family enjoy time shared and crafts prepared. Love that Harry Potter scarf!

2). Little Fairy Princess posted August 27: For the little princess in your life, Jesse tells you all about the best books and her neice’s favorite parts of each one.

3). Sacred Browsing posted September 30: How could a librarian not love this post? Browsing the stacks is a sacred act of contemplation, magic and discovery. Give yourself a treat today and do some “stack surfing”.

4). Rebecca Nurse, a Victim of the Salem Witch Trials posted October 21: Jesse and her husband James journey to Salem to learn more about James’ relative, Rebecca Nurse, an older woman wrongly accused and sentenced to death as a witch in 1692.

My Four Top Picks for Sarai:

1). Happy Trails posted March 25: Get those hiking shoes laced up, it’s time for a walk in the woods.

2). Down on the Bayou posted May 6: A moving blog about Sarai’s trip to New Orleans where her vacation was about volunteering to help others… and finding the “real” New Orleans along the way.

3). Ten Days in Another World posted August 12: Sarai continues her exotic adventures with her journey to Honduras for her honeymoon. I still can’t believe she ate the termites!

4). Can I Do It? posted September 16: Sarai takes us along as she learned the traditional skill of canning. Yes, she can!

My Top Four Picks for my own blogs:

1). Sweet Powder Days posted January 7: The reason to love snow is skiing! Find me on the slopes when those sweet powder days arrive.

2). Le Petit Riens! posted July 1: French Women give us some advice on how to live.

3). To Have and To Have Not posted on September 9: The talented, beautiful and elegant Lauren Bacall is the feature for this blog.

4). The Family Dinner posted November 18: Is there anything more important than eating dinner with your family each night? I say no.

I’m looking forward to discovering what everyone will come up with in 2011 to write about and I’m wishing you all the best for the New Year.

~Ann Marie

Ann Marie is the Library Director for the Oliver Wolcott Library and takes great delight in the little things, le petit riens.

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