Bad to the Bone

I’ve been on a bad boy streak lately. Everything I bring home features the unlikely (and often felonious) hero. I just can’t seem to stop myself! It all started with Dexter. I watched the Showtime series and have been going through withdrawals since the “John Lithgow” season aired. To make the symptoms subside, I checked out the book series that the show is based on.

There are five novels featuring Deliciously Dark Dexter written by Jeff Lindsay. Each story follows the protagonist Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood pathologist-by-day and serial killer-by-night, along as he tries to handle everyday life. This serial killer is the unlikely hero because he only kills the bad guys. And I mean bad guys. Usually the guys who pay top dollar lawyers to find some glitch in-the-evidence-chain-of-command. The books are witty and have great cat-and-mouse chases.

The first BBC show I took home was Hustle. It’s like watching a mini-series of Ocean’s Eleven. The group of conmen live by the code “never con an honest man.” Each one in the team has a specific job to do to make a living. They con only people who are greedy, selfish and devious. The banter within the group is fun to watch. No matter how many episodes I watch, I can never figure out how it’s going to end.

After having a great experience with the BBC, I took home Robin Hood. He steals from the rich to give to the poor and he has quite the adventures. His band of merry men battle the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. The fight scenes are reminiscent of the 80s television show “Highlander.” They toggle between fast and slow motion. You can’t help but fall in love with this bad boy!

Clive Owen is the main star in Chancer. His character, Stephen Crane, is described as “one of those animals that doesn’t go down when you shoot him.” His charm and wit often win people over, especially the ladies. He loses his high paying job at an investment bank and lands a position at a car company. He is tempted to use his old con ways. The fun part is watching to see if he’ll cave or not.  

I had to keep going with Clive Owen after Chancer, so I tried Duplicity. He and Julia Roberts work well together as con artists. You can’t quite figure out who’s conning who until you get to the end. This is one of those films you can’t watch and look away for one second, or you’ll miss something really important.

After multiple librarians told me about Prime Gig, I had to take it home. Vince Vaughn is a phone salesman who can sell anything to anyone. He gets drafted by a big name con man played by Ed Harris. Again, you can’t tell who’s conning who until the end. 

I think I’m going to go browse the comedy section now…


Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who is counting down the days until Dexter 5 comes out on DVD.

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