A New Adventure

I remember my first day of kindergarten. I was excited for a new adventure, but was also nervous, and filled with what ifs. What if I didn’t make new friends? (The only friend I had was my younger sister.) What if my teacher was mean? (I didn’t know any adults except for my relatives.) What if everyone laughed at my outfit? (I picked it out myself.) I wasn’t even thinking about the logistics of the day and what was actually going to happen once I got there.

My mom and sister walked me to school. (I grew up in a city and didn’t have to add the school bus as a concern in my little brain.) As soon as I saw my new classroom, my worries went away. I felt just like Goldilocks. There was a chair with my name on it that fit juuusst right. There was a big, blue carpet filled with letters of the alphabet, a kitchen set filled with more toys than I’d ever seen, and a new pencil and notebook. I was in heaven! I kissed my mom goodbye and ran inside. 

The girl sitting next to me, Amy, said, “I like your shirt!”  (We’re still friends.) Mrs. Solomon began the day with singing the ABCs (I already knew every single word to that song). The anticipation was way more stressful than the actual day!

Reading some of these books makes me think back to that first year of experiences. Reminisce with me:


The Miss Bindergarten books are rhyming romps through kindergarten. Miss Bindergarten covers everything from the first day, to the first field trip, to the big 100 day event. I don’t remember my first field trip’s destination, but I do remember who was in my “group.” Here’s Mario, Sha’Mara, Louie, and my lucky little sister (she got to tag along because my mom chaperoned).

Nancy Carlson’s Henry series features a loveable mouse character who progress from preschool to grade school through the different picture books. Henry worries about everything until he experiences it. Henry’s Show and Tell is my favorite. I didn’t have the same public speaking problem as Henry. I loved speaking…in front of my class, during class, over the class. I was even asked to narrate the school pageant because my voice carried so well. My mom wasn’t as pleased as I thought she would be about that (but I did look darn cute in my outfit that she made for me).

I forgot how important and stressful school picture day was until I found my first class photo. Here’s me as proud as can be in my favorite shirt. Even then, I was posed in front of books. It looks eerily similar to my Books for Bedtime backdrop! I don’t remember any shenanigans happening like the plot in School Picture Day (but I’m sure Miss Solomon would have a different story if you asked her).

First Day Jitters is the perfect book to share with your new student. A girl frets about her first day, and on the last page you find out that she’s the new teacher. Not only will your child laugh at the surprise ending, you’ll be able to share the punchline, too.  This is how I felt when I lead my first solo storytime!


Miss Brooks Loves Books! (And I Don’t) is my new favorite about…you guessed it, a librarian! Miss Brooks, just like me, can’t really pick a favorite book. She loves them all equally, and she shares this love with her students. I’ve donned many a costumes in my children’s librarian tenure: Elphaba (otherwise known as the Wicked Witch of the West), the Fat Lady from Harry Potter, and you can see that I love wearing my baseball outfit for a special storytime. Hmm…can you guess why this is my new favorite?

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who is looking forward to meeting new storytimers next week!

4 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Great blog and pictures. Very cute! I must say that my strongest memory of kindergarten was our teacher, Sister Mary C., tying Pam H. to a chair because she was in hysterics and wanted to leave. That traumatic experience cemented my friendship with my buddy Bob, who to this day remains my best friend (across just a few years short of 50 years).

  2. I remember the kindergarten teacher getting so frustrated with me because I would not talk to anyone. I only wanted to talk to my cousin…. I did not get tied up to a chair but I sat at the table alone with my head down ALOT!

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