Artist in Residence


For the past few years, my husband has done the extraordinary summer reading posters for the OWL. I love seeing his work hanging on the big windows and watching the children happily placing their stickers on them.        

However, living with a creative soul is quite the rollercoaster ride. Geoff has stalked around for three weeks with a dark cloud over his head while creating these works. You could just see his mind churning as the frustration mounted. He would trudge off to the shed with his mind a million miles away. Geoff is a perfectionist with his art; he has a vision and it must be accomplished.  My husband becomes consumed with his creation and he is very distracted. As I bid him off to work, I can see speckles of blue paint on his ears– he scratches his head quite a bit when he paints. As he departs, I can also see that his elbows are covered with yellow paint. To make matters worse, while he was painting he wore his only decent pair of shorts; now they too are speckled with paint as are his shoes and t-shirts. (Hence why he only had one pair of shorts) One evening while preparing dinner, I noticed we were running out of dishes. Where are my dishes? I took a gander out in the shed. Guess what? There were my new dishes that I received as a Christmas gift. They were covered with gobs of wet paint. Geoff was using them as his paint palates. What is a wife to do?        

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A wife is to be proud, patient and happy that she has such a creative and talented husband. I have to reach deep into my patience reserve but let’s face it– if you are married that is what we all have to do. No two people are exactly alike. And believe me, Geoff has to be a very patient man being married to me! But seriously, living with an artist keeps me grounded. Through Geoff’s eyes and heart, I have absorbed an education and an appreciation of art. We have plenty of art books lying around the house for us to pick up and enjoy. I have my favorites and all are available at the OWL:        

Edward Hopper Modern Master by Ita G Berkow and Edward Hopper by Carol Troyen: I love the way Hopper captures the  isolation of the individual of the changing America. He captures the realism of American everyday life. I enjoy his works that encompass the cityscapes and middle class American homes the most.   

Vincent Van Gogh text by Meyer Schapiro: The intensity of Van Gogh’s work, his color sense and his emotional expression has influenced many of the greatest artists. His numerous self-portraits, bright sunflowers, and the swirling blues of the sky, are wonderful pieces.    

George Tooker text by Robert Cozzolino:  I am not sure why I like George Tooker because most of his works are dismal and quite disturbing. However, I am drawn to his use of color and the way he captures the dreariness and banality of life. Painting with egg tempera, Tooker almost creates a soft glowing effect in his pictures.    

Andrew Wyeth introduction by David McCord and Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures with text by John Wilmerding: Andrew Wyeth captured American landscapes and lives over a 70 year period. Wyeth paints mostly New England backdrops and a handful of unconventional models. His images often display a deep emotional  isolation.       

The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano  text by Anthony Quinn:  A self-taught painter and Scotsman, Vettriano creates very bold and romantic pieces. He is often rejected because of his lack of education but he is clearly one of best known painters of Scotland.        

This post is authored by Audra– wife of a zany artist

8 thoughts on “Artist in Residence

  1. Really good blog Audra! And Geoff’s paintings are AWESOME!! I especially love how the sun shines through on the blue one.

  2. Great blog and wonderful to see the “behind the scenes” making of our OWL posters. We are so fortunate to have Geoff’s artwork as part of our summer reading program. They bring so much to the program, and the whole library atmosphere! Thank you to Geoff!!

  3. This was a great post Audra. I have a few personal favorites of Geoff’s on the walls of your home. I think my favorite is the window at Aunt Diane’s and our old house. You’re reflection on marriage is good too… we are all different and that is part of what also makes us lovable!

  4. Audra – how neat to know there is an artist nearby! As to art – I visited the Picasso exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on this last, very hot, Wednesday. Mary

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