Jack Is Back….

We all have our guilty pleasures with reading (or at least I admit that I do). Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is mine!  I have been saving Lee Child’s novel Gone Tomorrow for my summer reading and now I can add one more book to my list, his newest book 61 Hours!

“Reacher is a hard man. No job, no address, no baggage. Nothing at all, except hardheaded curiosity.” (excerpted from Nothing to Lose

I am unabashedly in love with Jack Reacher. This is by far one of the best recommended reads that I have received from my fellow patrons. Lee Child has a strong legion of fans– both men and women alike love the ex- military policeman drifting along the country saving strangers. These thrillers are not for the faint hearted; they are filled with action, violence and mystery. Buckle up for a thrill ride with Mr. Jack Reacher!

For those of you that are hard core fans, you must check out Lee Child’s website. ( Thanks to  www.leechild.com! I used some of the vast information on Reacher for this blog post.) If you ever have imagined what Jack Reacher would look like or wanted to know more about him, his bio is on the website 🙂

There are in total 14 Jack Reacher Books:

Killing Floor: This is your introduction into the world of Jack, the ex-military policeman passing through Margrave, Georgia.  He has been arrested for murder which we know couldn’t possibly be true. Jack must clear his name and find the real killers.

Die Trying:  Jack once again finds himself at the wrong place in the wrong time only this time he is wandering around Chicago. Reacher gets abducted in broad daylight along with a woman– together they must escape from a wilderness prison. If anyone can save them, Jack can!

Tripwire: Reacher’s lazy anonymity in Key West is shattered by a stranger who comes to town searching for him but ends up dead. Following the man’s trail back to New York, he finds an elderly couple still mourning a son lost in Vietnam, a woman Reacher can’t forget, and a most vicious opponent.

Running Blind: A clever killer is murdering women and there is one connection between all of them- Jack Reacher.

Echo Burning: We find Jack hitching rides across the hot state of Texas. The big man is having a hard time finding a ride. His luck changes when a beautiful woman picks him up in an air-conditioned caddy.  Of course, she is just another damsel in distress waiting for Reacher to save her. Can he save her from her monster husband and his family? What do you think?

Without Fail: The Secret Service is calling Reacher. Can he help them protect the Vice President? Only Jack has the head and the heart to corner the bad guys and bring them to justice.

Persuader: Unfinished business has found Jack and he is a man who must finish his business. Someone got away with murder ten years ago and now Jack has found him…. and he is ready to tie up some loose ends.

The Enemy: Renegade Jack has been ordered to “control the situation” at hand when a two-star general is murdered in a seedy motel in North Carolina.

One Shot:  In the book’s gripping opening, five people are killed when a shooter opens fire in a small unnamed Indiana city. When the sniper is apprehended, he refuses to talk, saying only, “Get Jack Reacher for me.” But Reacher’s already on his way. The sniper has done this before, and Jack has had enough.

The Hard Way:  Hot New York City is the setting for this thriller. Reacher is hired to hunt down a family that has been kidnapped.  On the trail of the vicious kidnapper, Jack discovers his employer has many dangerous secrets and he is in way too deep to get out.

Bad Luck and Trouble:  This novel leads us to the lights of Vegas and the evils of international terror. Jack unites with some of his old army unit buddies to investigate a brutal murder of man they all knew.

Nothing to Lose: Reacher ends up in the middle of a battle between two towns, aptly named Hope and Despair. One town wants his help and the other wants Reacher gone.

Gone Tomorrow:  A subway ride in the dead of night ought to be a safe trip when you are built like Jack Reacher, but not when there’s a bomber on board

61 Hours: It is winter in South Dakota. Blinding snow and an icy highway cause a bus crash. Good thing Jack is on the bus, because something nastier than the weather is on its way…..

Worth Dying For Due to come out September 30th 2010. Makes a nice “bookend” to my summer reading with Jack Reacher. Get your name on our reserve list now! 

This post was authored by Audra who is counting the days til school is over and summer begins!

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