Here Comes the…Bridesmaid


My best friend, Harmony, and I watched Say Anything hundreds of times throughout the course of our high school days. Each time a dance was coming up we’d daydream about our dates picking us up in trench coats. (They never did.) Every time we’d fight with a date we’d fantasize about them holding a boom box over their heads blasting Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots outside of our window, begging us for forgiveness. (They never did.)

We eventually found our own versions of Lloyd Dobler. In two short weeks, Harmony will be wedding hers. I will be standing next to her as her maid of honor. When she asked me to fulfill this duty, I turned to OWL’s collection for some guidance. I started studying romantic comedies and doing wedding themes in storytime and on Books for Bedtime. There are some great lessons to be learned:

Made of Honor (DVD COMEDY MAD) Patrick Dempsey is asked to be maid of honor in his best friend’s wedding. Lesson learned: Learn how to be the best maid of honor. Read all the books, watch all the DVDs, and learn all the rules and etiquette.

27 Dresses (DVD COMEDY 27) Katherine Heigl is about to be a bridesmaid for the…27th time! This fun romantic comedy has everything you want: love, lust, dress fashion, and a karaoke version of “Benny and the Jets.” Lesson learned: Be an organized bridesmaid. (And keep everything; you never know when it will come in handy!)

Wedding Crashers (DVD COMEDY WED) This absurd plot is comical–after all, it stars Vince Vaughn. Lesson learned: Be the life of the party and enjoy the day (but whatever you do, don’t fraternize with the groomsmen).

Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes (JP HEN) Lilly assumes that she’s going to be flower girl at her teacher’s wedding. Lesson learned: Don’t assume anything, especially during wedding times!

Nadia’s Hands by Karen English (JP-ILLUS ENG) Nadia, a Pakistani-American girl, has her hands covered in henna designs before her aunt’s wedding. Lesson learned: Respect your family traditions. You may want to incorporate some into your own wedding some day.

Congratulations, Miss Malarkey! by Judy Finchler (JP FIN) Miss Malarkey teaches her class about different wedding customs. Lesson learned: Not every wedding, or every bride, is traditional. Be open to new experiences and traditions.

Once it came time for serious business, I focused on the more mature selections amongst OWL’s wedding collection (395.2):


The tropical salsa recipe on page 71 of Wedding Showers (395.2 ADA) is perfect for any spring/summer party! The timeline/checklist in Bridal Showers (395.2 CLA) was invaluable, plus I finally learned how to make a fan folded napkin (on page 52). Harmony’s mom came up with this favor idea of marbleizing flower pots. We didn’t have enough time to grow seeds, so we added candles. (You should know by now that I have no green thumb anyway!)

After picking out the dress, I found matching shoes and a necklace. I looked everywhere to find a matching bracelet and earrings, but had no luck. So, I turned to Simply Beautiful Beading (745.582 BOY), and learned about using crimp beads and knots to make a matching set. (You can’t even tell, can you?!)

Since I’m sharing the bridal party spotlight with only the best man, I’ll be giving a short toast. Of course, that’s confidential until game day, but I did find some great tips in Wedding Speeches and Toasts (395.22 TIG).

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who recently took Harmony to her first Red Sox game. (They’re still recovering from the 3-14 loss against their arch enemy.)

3 thoughts on “Here Comes the…Bridesmaid

  1. Funny! The dreams of teen girls. If I had a son, I’d make him read this blog to win his dream girl’s heart!

  2. Awwww, Lisa, you are such a great maid of honor and great friend. Great movie picks and some very helpful wedding prep books, for bridesmaids…or, brides 😉

    Have fun at the wedding!

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