The Garden Gods Must be Laughing!

Oh, karma plays funny tricks on us at times. Right now, karma is laughing her head off at me. As previously stated in one of my blog posts– I am not a gardener– never have and ahem, never will be. I could not, would not, enjoy it. I will not garden in a raised bed; I will not garden in a pot!

So here it is spring has sprung! Recently my sister-in-law gave me a guided tour of my lucrative lot. The tour included a scolding and many admonishments (more like yelling as I accidentally stepped on a baby daffodil). She tried to guide me through what was lurking beneath the dead, wilted foliage in my yard.

God bless the previous owner, her hard work and love of gardening is blossoming forth all over the yard. She left all her gardening supplies for us along with some flowers that I was supposed to wrap up in burlap to store in my cellar for the winter. Oh dear, I thought– now what? The guilt finally wore me down and I begrudgingly grabbed my rake on Sunday afternoon. Muttering and sputtering, I began to clear out some of the patches of over growth. I tried not to swear too much as the thorns from the roses (I think) kept catching on my sleeve. As I raked, I experienced flashbacks to my youth and hearing my mother screaming at me to get out of her flower patches and “that darn ball better not go into my garden young lady!” The garden fence made an awesome left field homerun marker. But, onward hoe– I raked up a mound of leaves and unearthed many daffodils, crocuses and other green things sticking out of the dirt.

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I have been chuckling yet again at my co-workers as their eyes light up with glee when I tell them about the yard and that “stuff’ is popping up all over. They sparkle with advice and actually think that I might perhaps join them at the “cool” lunch table to discuss my bountiful harvests or display my leathery garden tan. Maybe we can hi-five our calloused hands. They circle me like salivating wolves –I have been advised to smart small, not to take on too much. “Go ahead, Audra. Try it you, will like it.” One co-worker even tried to use reverse psychology on me.

I have a long way to go and I need to get some books out to help me identify quite a bit of the stuff in the yard. I can appreciate the spirit that was left behind by a very kind gardener but I cannot promise to continue this tradition. The guilt lays heavy on me but……sigh. Off to the stacks, I go!

I found many books to help me with my new endeavor:

The New Flower Gardener by Pippa Greenwood (635.9 GRE) A step-by-step book with nice photographs to guide the beginner from soil to flowering displays.

Pots in the Garden by Ray Rogers (635.9 ROG) Expert design and planting technques can be found in this book. Get great ideas for your walkways, patios and decks.

How about some pest control? The Organic Garnder’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control(635.049 ORG) caught my eye. This book looked great because it offered safe answers to pesky problems without using any damaging chemicals.

The Family Garden by Jan and Michael Gertley (635 GER) Finally one that suited me. A concise and simply stated book with ideas and pictures.

and finally, Better Homes and Gardens Step by Step Garden Basics (635 BAL) I really liked looking at this book- lots of nice clear step-by-step pictures on the basics.

This post was authored by Audra, who at the moment is counting the days ’til opening day. Let’s get our priorities straight! Go SOX!!

4 thoughts on “The Garden Gods Must be Laughing!

  1. See my next blog on how to “start small” Ha ha!! 🙂 Yes, we all decided we would sneak into your garden in the middle of the night and plant things! Ha ha! Nice pictures! 🙂

  2. You’re doing well by just cleaning up the debris. Most of your yard will do it’s own thing, as there are a lot of perennials planted……and those funny things in burlap, just might be the past owners mothers Dalia’s. They will give you more joy than callous’, if given a chance. Sounds like you may just get the “Bug” over time.

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