Book Club Fantasies

I belong to the world’s worst book club. The group was formed because some members had grown tired of their current club’s inability to stay on task and discuss the literature during their meetings. Thus, our book club was born; the club that was above all others and we WOULD discuss the readings OR ELSE.

Off to our first meeting, armed with our snobby little uptight attitudes,  notebooks, and sharpened pencils ready to produce the golden reading list; educated women ready to embark in a “real” tried and true book group! We will read and discuss these meaningful, thought-provoking tomes. Motivated by past club failures, we were determined to stay on course. Stubborn and self-righteous, we sat, discussed and jotted down titles. And finally, the chosen list was anointed!  The law was laid down: let’s get serious and stick to it!

While the objective was good, our book club was not, nor is it, what we imagined. I admit that I am the by far, the worst member. Now mind you, I have checked out every book with earnest desires to read and  contribute. However, I think that I have actually attended only  three meetings in a year.   I thoroughly enjoy meeting with these fine upstanding ladies but I must stand by the first rule of our group ” you must read the book to come to the meeting”.  As it turned out, most of us do not read the book; most go to the meetings to chat about what we have read recently, drink wine(or coffee) and enjoy some wonderful, delectable treat that the host has conjured up. We may not discuss the chosen book,  but it is amazing how much we do read and how we love to share it with each other.

We are all well-intentioned and seriously want to read the chosen titles. But as with all book lovers, our piles are too big and our reading desires too insurmountable. Like  most women, we are stretched to the limit with our time.If we could have our way,  our noses would be in between the pages all day. 

If your book club is floundering like ours or you are looking to start a book club, the OWL has resources to help:

NOVELIST,an online resource which can help you with picking a title, author biographies and book club discussions.

The Book Club Companion by Diana Loevy (374.22 LOE): A comprehensive guide to the reading group experience. It contains indispensable reading lists as well as tips on keeping your meetings lively.

The Reading Group Handbook by Rachel W. Jacobsohn (374.22 JAC): Everything you need to know to start your own book club can be found in this book, including how to select members and how to decide on a meeting format. 

The Book Group Book by Ellen Slezak (374.22 BOO) This is a thoughtful guide to forming and enjoying a stimulating book discussion group.

Don’t belong to a book club? OWL has three monthly book clubs available: Tuesday Book Club, Nonfiction Book Club and a Thursday Book Club.  The OWL also has an evening book club, Buzz Books which meets about every two months. I personally have attended the Buzz Book discussions and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Remember the OWL always has extra copies of the books for the clubs at the circulation desk. Also, the OWL will soon be launching an online book club. If you are interested, please send me an email to

Don’t forget that the OWL can order books for your personal book clubs as well. Submit the form from our website at Go to the Books and Reading Tab; the form is found on the page’s sidebar.

I would like to share two titles that have recently “pulled” me away from my book club assignment….

Horns by Joe Hill (FIC HIL) This brand new book is phenomenal! I could not put this book down. Get ready to fall in love with the Devil and root for him to win. Hill is Stephen King’s son and he certainly has found his own voice. Heart Shaped Box (FIC HIL) is another winner by Hill. 

Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes(FIC KEY) Keyes is one of my favorite authors and she did not disappoint with her newest book. In this story, a group of Dubliners are searching for the brightest star in the sky… the planet of love. Humor and heartache are intertwined beautifully within the plot. This was a great book to read over the weekend.

I have about seven books on my night stand but I must get started on the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for our next Buzz Book.

This post is authored by Audra, who can’t get the song ” Rock n Roll Fantasy” by Bad Company out of her head and wishes she had more time to read!

2 thoughts on “Book Club Fantasies

  1. Great blog, Audra! I’m so glad you mentioned the Joe Hill book, too. I had read a review of “Heart Shaped Box” a while back and thought it sounded great. Just recently, actually, the plot of the book popped back into my head, and I remembered that I had really wanted to read it, but I couldn’t remember the title or who the author was, so thank you! 🙂

  2. I feel the same way, Audra…I wish I could just spend an entire day reading. I’ve begun reading several books at once, too, which I don’t really like to do…but working in a Library makes an avid reader an even more addictive one. Everytime I see something good I have to check it out, or add it to the ever growing list. Nice blog!

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