Top Nine of 09

Yes, here is another  list of “the best of”. But hey, this one is INTERESTING. Not a boring list of losing weight, exercising or even worse- politcs and the economy, but a tops of 09 list of wonderful things I have checked out at the OWL.

Top 9 of 09

By far Kathyrn Stockett’s The Help(FIC STO) is my number 1 pick of the year. This debut novel is the tops. USA Today dubbs this novel as “Thought-provoking…[Stockett’s] pitch-perfect depiction of a country’s gradual path toward integration will pull readers into a compelling story that doubles as a portrait of a country struggling with racial issues…This is already one of the best debut novels of the year.” I could not agree more with the review. Limited and persecuted by racial divides in 1962, three Mississippi women, including an African-American maid, her sassy friend, and a young 20 something white woman, team up for a secret writing project. Stockett’s characters draw you in immediately and her plot moves along flawlessly while making you cringe at the atrocities. You find yourself rooting along with the women and hoping for that happy ending. This book is worth the wait and the OWL has multiple copies!

Coming in at number 2 is the hilarious, absolutely side- splitting funny series IT CROWD (DVD COMEDY IT). I know you have read about this series in our blog because it is a staff (a select few) favorite. I can watch this series repeatedly and laugh every time! Long live MOSS…. there is a rumor that season 4 is in the making.

A flashback to a favorite TV show of mine is number 3, the fabulous X-Files, season 1(DVD X). The X-Files is a rare find for me. I generally do not get hooked on a television series that I must watch week after week. However, The X-Files is the exception. Every Friday night, I would have to be glued to the TV watching Mulder and Scully enter the unknown. Sometimes quirky or scary, it is  always wildy entertaining. I was happy to see that we have added this to our collection.

Number 4— blowing the sound waves wide open is CD, Shine by Bond(CD DANCE BON). I love  this CD. Bond is a quartet of neo-classical musicians from the UK and Australia who incorporate electro, African and hip-hop into their music. Crank it up as loud as the stereo can go– especially the Kashmir track. (Led Zeppelin ala violin) Awesome.

Number 5. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier(FIC DU).  This ” Buzz Book” at the OWL was quite a surprise read for me.If not for the book club, I would not have read it.  I am glad that I did. Haunting and mysterious, this well- written and descriptive novel will not disappoint.

 Of course the Nolo’s Guide to Buying Your First Home(643.12 BRA) in on my top nine list– fitting right in at number 6. Nolo’s guide gave me the background and education I needed before settting out to purchase our first home. The book provided a great foundation for what was the most stressful,  yet exciting, experience.

The Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics by the fabulous Ina Garten(641.5 GAR) is food heaven at number 7. Her blueberry struesel muffins recipe is a winner in my house. Who does not love Ina? The cookbook is full of color photos to make you drool and dream of making these delightful decadent treats. And now, those of us that have Cablevision, the book is the closest thing we can get to Ina right now!

Number 8.Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell(FIC COR). Cornwell is back in form with her Kay Scarpetta series and I am very glad. Back to her slice’em up and bloody murders– it is suspense at its best. Just the way I like’em!

and finally, at number 9 is the first book I read in 2009,  The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Baurmeister (FIC BAU) .  A great debut novel, I really enjoyed this book as it had great character development. It was light but not too fluffly. A little love, a little heartbreak and lots of good food to make you hungry. It is just a nice, warm, fuzzy book for a winter’s night. I finished this book hoping she writes another book soon.

What were some of your favorites for 2009?

This post is authored by Audra who is busy beginning her check out list of 2010

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