The Golden Birthday Arrives

When I noticed the date on our blog posting schedule– I was very excited that I am writing to you near my younger daughter’s golden birthday. The golden birthday is the day that age matches the date.
My daughters’ birthdays are always a time for personal reflection of these two amazing gifts I have been given.

Being pregnant with your second child is much different than your first. With your first– being pregnant is like being the “golden” vessel in which ALL must bow down to you. The skies open up and the angels sing–you have no idea what is going on and you do not care. You are with child after all. No cares or worries– it is all about you and being gloriously pregnant. This is the first– the unchartered parental territory for both you and your husband. All the little baby clothes and toys –oh they are cute and adorable. Each day is counted and one lives in beautiful undeniable la la land. Then you give birth…

Your second pregnancy is not so much fun. You know you are going to get big, fat and that you really really should not be eating the whole tub of chocolate pudding. You know that you are going to experience heartburn and probably will be upchucking your brains out for a bit(or if you were like me– the whole nine months you permananty wore the toilet seat as a hat). But the best part of being pregnant with your second child is that you know what a beautiful wonderful gift you are  baking up for 9 months. It was  hard for me to wait for those months to go by; I just wanted to see and  to hold her. I remember being in the hospital and just could not be without her for one minute so I toddled out of my room to the nursery. I gazed through the window trying to find my bundle. There was a newly minted set of parents next to me– I overheard them say “Look at that one over there– with the all that funny looking hair on its head” I smiled, turned and very proudly said “that funny looking one is my daughter”. She had so much black hair with white streaks running through it — and it stuck up all over the place. She was screaming her little head off . To this day that moment sums up her personality — spunky, beautiful and singing to her own tune.
Happy golden birthday my beautiful daughter–

These books were our favorites to read. I am not sure who had more fun reading them, myself or Kate. They are a fun play on words and you can act silly while you read : Foot Book , Hop on Pop and Fox in Sox all by the great Dr. Seuss. We also had fun reading Old Hat New Hat by the infamous and well loved Berenstains!

My husband and I had a hard time coming up with a name for our second Bundle O Joy– He wanted Harriet and I wanted Frieda (family name). We had to cancel them both out and hunt for a new name.
Having the same problems? Check out The Ultimate Baby Names Book by Diane Stafford 929.4 STA or just browse the 929 section for a more baby name books.

And finally, the one book that brings back the horror of the unchartered territory when you bring home your first little baby and have absolutely NO idea what you are doing. This book was well worn out in my house and I have since tried to recycle it but it keeps finding its way back into my house-(my husband just can’t seem to let it go– it became his bible) The Baby Book by William Sears M.D. and Martha Sears R.N. 649.122 SEA

This post was authored by Audra– proud mother —

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