Testing Testing 1-2 1-2

A new goal of mine is to learn the “ins & outs” of podcasting. I was curious about this popular technology.All of us at the OWL agreed that it held great potential for another avenue to communicate with our patrons. How do you record, what do you record and how on earth do you format the audio file to place it on the web or on an mp3? I began researching online and browsing through various books but I was still confused. ( no surprise there for my aging brain in this ever growing e-tech world) Technology can be so much fun but it can be very intimidating. Look how much has changed in the past ten years! Who would think that libraries would have blogs, websites or podcasts? We have so many more avenues to reach out to our patrons! Web 2.0 is a fun, new culture out there and I intend on embracing it.

When I noticed that the Connecticut State Library was offering a podcasting workshop for library employees, I jumped at the chance to go. A hands on approach to learning the podcast art was just the thing I needed. So I grabbed my headphones and off I went  to the Connecticut Library Service Center in Middletown.

After many nervous giggles and hesitant looks, all of us at the podcasting workshop began to embrace the medium. We even learned how to disguise our voice( a trick I sought out immediately).

With the foundation I learned at the workshop, Ann Marie and I began brainstorming on the best ways to utilize this new technology to serve our OWL patrons.

In September we began recording our fabulous author talks held monthly her at the OWL. Now that we have recorded Frank Delaney, Wendy Victor, and soon Philip Delves Broughton, the next step is uploading them for you. Our OWL podcasts are coming soon to our website! Stay Tuned!

If you have the “bug” to learn more about podcasting, blogs or websites checkout these:

  1. Podcasting for Dummies 070.59 Mor.
    With this book you can:
    *Decide on your podcast focus
    *Find and Use the necessary hardware and software
    *Record and Mix
    *Get your Podcast online
    *Promote your podcast
  2. Podcast Solution by Michael W. Geoghegan & Dan Klass 070.57 GEO
    *Learn how to find and download audio/video podcasts to your PC or player
    *Detailed help to develop and produce podcasts
    *Set up your own effective audio studio
    *Tips on video producing
    *Learn how people are marketing and making money through podcasting
  3. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting by George Columbo 006.787 COL
    * Design a podcast that grabs and keeps your audience
    * choose the right tools for podcasting
    * Create your show “persona”
    * Set up an RSS feed for podcast subscriptions
    * Learn effective marketing

Check out the blog table for more books on Web 2.o and more fun things you can do online!

This post is written by Audra

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