Braces and Brackets..Oh My!

My week began with a 9am appointment at the dreaded orthodontist with my soon to be 7th grader.  Adding to her pain, school was to begin in two days. What a terrible week for her!
Before leaving the house for this 2 1/2 hour long marathon of metal, cement and brackets, I packed my satchel accordingly as not to be bored.

Of course before I could hunker down for the duration in the waiting room while they plied and poked my beautiful daughter’s teeth, I sit and wait for that dreaded “Mrs. MacLaren will you join me so you can sign away your savings to us for the next 725 days of your life?” So I sit and observe the comings & goings of this streamlined office– ran with such efficiency and skill the government would be jealous. One could question how much less my bill would be if the office did not have a game room, “free coffee” or give away calendars and pencils? As I watch many teenie boppers come and go –either smiling or grumbling, depending upon their course of treatment, I finally get called in. Alas signed, sealed and deposited, I emerge from the office to sit and digest the expenditure. (too add to my discomfort, I sit down and notice that the buttons on my oxford shirt have been buttoned wrong, I am all lopsided– great– fleeced and a freak show.)

Now I can relax for the next two hours– poured myself a free(??) cup of coffee and grabbed my IPod. I have been testing out our new downloadable audiobooks from Overdrive. I have selected “In Flight Chinese” as my first selection– it is only an hour long tutorial so I figured what the hay give it a shot. So I plugged in and try desperately not to say aloud the Chinese words during the “designated” pause for repeat. One embarrassing moment in this office is enough for me today! The narrator’s voice was so soothing and relaxing. I can only listen to the lesson for a good fifteen minutes as my attention span is pretty short for audio-books. Good thing I have it on my Ipod– I can bookmark it and replay it over and over until it (MIGHT) sink into my thick head.

Next I whip out the new issue from Wired Magazine( September Issue)
I read two articles that were fantastic,Revenge of the Nerds by Daniel Roth and The New Literacy by Clive Thompson. Both articles made very poignant remarks about education and the misconceptions about the youth of the nation. There also was a very interesting snippet on Slim Jims— YUCK. The OWL subscribes to Wired Magazine so come in an check it out.

Bringing up the rear in my gear are two books that I am currently reading. One is my book club’s selection of Light in August by the great William Faulkner.( FIC FAU) .I enjoy reading Faulkner and his depiction of southern life in his fictional Yoknapatawph County of Mississippi. This novel delves into racism, personal identity, and family relationships.

My second book is an unusual memoir that I scooped up soley because it had a very cool cover and an odd title, In the Land of Long Fingernails. A Gravedigger in the Age of the Aquarius by Charles Wilkins.(393.109 WIL). This memoir follows the escapades of a young Charles Wilkins as he works as a gravedigger in a suburban cemetery in Toronto. The follies and failures of the fellow diggers and boss are hysterical. The book also makes you cringe at what goes on behind the scenes at a cemetery.

Please check out our blog table located in the OWL  for other issues of Wired Magazine, information on Overdrive and other memoirs– I have included another read of mine, The Urban Hermit by Sam MacDonald(975.2 MAC) I picked this one as well just by the cover. This is a story about a man who is burdened by debt and extremely overweight. Sam is tired of mooching money off of his family and he decides to save money by cutting out his social life and only eating dry tuna sandwiches and little measured bags of cooked lentils(yick). He cuts his budget to eight dollars a week and eight hundred calories a day– hence the Urbin Hermit Plan is hatched.

This post is authored by Audra, who would not ever want to be twelve again and going into 7th grade…… and I do like my orthodontist office- they are great.

5 thoughts on “Braces and Brackets..Oh My!

  1. Audra – Tell the new 7th grader she looks lovely! Great blog – it made me smile, grateful that I’d endured those 3 arduous years with metal in my own mouth. You keep such a nice, eclectic mix of materials in your bag. I don’t know which sounds more interesting – learning Chinese or reading the memoir of a gravedigger. This is what makes you such a great librarian 🙂

  2. Hi! I can’t help with the great sucking noise coming out of your wallet and headed to the orthodontist’s accounts payable dept (been there done that four times) but you might find info to help your daughter feel better at, the website of the American Association of Orthodontists (recipes, tips, links to other sites). Best wishes! And happy reading – I agree with always having books on hand for the waiting room.

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