What Kind of Prince Are You?

I’m a hopeless romantic. Maybe it’s the constant stream of weddings my husband and I are lucky enough to attend. Maybe it’s the New Kids on the Block ballads that fill my iPod. But if I really think about it, the root of my problem began at a much earlier age. I discovered my many loves…all within the walls of the library. Whether it was a scene imagined in my head with the help of a paperback or an image burned into my psyche after repeated viewings, I’ve always been a sucker for the romance stories. Not any old romance, but the ones that involve true love or soulmates.

Let’s see if you’re a connoisseur in the love department, too. Play along to see if you can guess where the loves in my life (so far, anyway!) come from…

Once upon a time I met a farm boy named Westley. He battled an expert swordsman, a hulking giant, and a criminal mastermind to find his way back to me. He trudged through the fireswamp, snorted at a rodent (of quite an unusual size, I might add!), and lived through the pit of despair–all in the name of love! Ah, to hear Westley say, “As you wish,” melted my heart! If I had been born twenty years later, perhaps Tristan would have been my first true love. Chasing a fallen star, he had quite an epic quality about him.

But soon, I grew into a teenager and the fairy tale nonsense wore off with my teen angst. That’s when I met Lloyd. You know him. The good-looking, a bit geeky “individual” you always wanted to notice you in high school. (Yeah, he never noticed me either except when I was in his way in the hallway.) It didn’t stop me from stargazing out my window hoping to see him wearing that trench coat holding that boombox over his head. He never came.

Noah entered my life rather dramatically. We met at a fair on the ferris wheel to be more exact. He threatened to kill himself unless I agreed to a date. Of course, our social classes were completely opposite, which kept us on a constant emotional roller coaster with parental pressure. I needed something more than a summer relationship…

That’s when I finally met Damon Bradley. After all those years knowing my destiny, I finally met the man who the Ouija Board told me was my soulmate. We had an intense affair in Italy. It was cut short when I found out he was lying. I didn’t need that!

I finally got married in my twenties to Gerry. Our marriage was brief due to an unexpected illness. It didn’t stop our love, though. His love letters and instructions kept me going. Without them, I don’t know what I would’ve done!

I think his spirit was reincarnated into the body of Chris. Through triumph and tragedy, our love prevailed…until a horrible accident. Still our connection was not entirely broken. He loved me so much that he literally went to hell to save my soul.

As I age, I hope to keep my wits about me when it concerns matters of the heart. Occasionally, I have moments of deja vu. You know those loves that come in and out of your life? Hot and steamy one moment, but non-existent the next? That’s how it was with Benjamin. He was so sweet, but unreliable when discussing the future. Sometimes, I swear I see him watching me from afar. It can’t be him, though. Maybe it was Henry. He’s another one you can’t go ahead and plan the future with. Here one minute and gone the next. He’s just like Richard. At the height of our affair, he vanished. Maybe it was too passionate for him. I still don’t know the reason he gave up on us. I just remember that watch he used to carry around. Every time I think of it, I seem to be transported somewhere in a different time.

So? How’d you do? Let’s find out what kind of prince you are:

Meet Westley of The Princess Bride (DVD SCI-FI/FANTASY PRI and J GOL). Adventurous, daring and take charge kind of guy.


Meet Tristan Thorne of Stardust (DVD STA and YA FIC GAI and YA CD SPOKEN GAI). A daydreamer, a bit naive, has an epic quality about him.


Meet Lloyd Dobler of Say Anything (DVD COMEDY ANY). Filled with angst, very unique, and makes a radical mixed tape.


Meet Noah Calhoun of The Notebook (DVD DRAMA NOT and FIC SPA). Hard-working, relentless and romantic.

only you

Meet Damon Bradley of Only You (DVD COMEDY ONL). Great sense of humor, irresistible charm, believes in destiny, and sells fancy shoes!

ps i love you

Meet Gerry Kennedy of P.S. I Love You (DVD DRAMA PS and FIC AHE). Always thinking ahead, grounded, and has a great accent!

dreams may come

Meet Chris Nielsen of What Dreams May Come (DVD DRAMA WHA). Intelligent, practical, and financially stable.

ben button

Meet Benjamin Button of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (DVD DRAMA CUR and YA FIT GRAPHIC). A go with the flow type of guy who takes life as it comes.

time traveler

Meet Henry of The Time Traveler’s Wife (FIC NIF and CD SPOKEN NIF). Educated, a bit unreliable (though it’s because of his medical condition), and a librarian (bonus points in my book)!

Meet Richard Collier of Somewhere in Time (DVD DRAMA SOM). Old-fashioned, easily smitten and believes in love at first sight.

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who danced with her true love to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” five years ago (minus the trench coat and boombox, of course).

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Prince Are You?

  1. Great blog entry! Since I have to keep up my Steve McQueen image, I’ll just say that I failed the love books/movies test. Ahem.

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