Weighing in at Seventeen Pounds……

A big FAT bouncin’ school binder! Onto the kitchen table,PLUNK– the book bag, lunch box and old gym clothes — (I am not sure what smells worse!)

IMG_0235Ahh Summer is finally here! The last week of school is always filled with great anticipation and for some with final exams, stress. One thing that I dread is the cleaning out of the locker and backpack. This is when you see your child’s personality come out–  This picture is an actual true to life photo of what my daughter LUGGED around with her all year long. The binder took on a life of its own! Even to the last day she would not take anything out of that blasted binder.  Her father and I would try to reason with her– your backpack is too heavy you need take something out of it– you cannot possibly need that paper from September 9th? “Oh yes, Mom you never know” she would reply. She would be afraid to disappoint her teacher by not having some obscure paper handy that she “might” need.

I am happy now that they can unwind and leave the school work behind for the summer break.  The OWL has been very busy this past week with school ending and the summer fun beginning.  Time for us to stock up on fun reads and kick back–no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!

My summer reading has begun with:

The Physick of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. FIC HOW– New Adult Fiction .This is a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed this new novel which moves between contemporary 1991 and 17th century Salem, Mass. This book is filled with facinating and disturbing facts regarding the witch trials. Little mystery, little romance and a little history all rolled up into this debut novel.

Things I have Been Silent About by Azar Nafisi. B Nafisi  This book is our next Buzz Book slated for July 28th(note sidebar on the blog) I have just begun this book and I am enjoying it.  Nafisi narrates her experiences, from childhood to adulthood highlighted by the conflicting frustration between parent and the desire for connection.

HotHouse and the Nine Plants of Desire by Margot Berwin. FIC BER  New Adult Fiction. Another debut novel slated to be a hit this summer. This is for the reader looking for something light– the total beach read. Romance, betrayal, plant lore(for the gardening fans) and murder are packed into this inventive colorful novel.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson. FIC STI This book has been talked about quite a bit– I have not met anyone that has not loved this book.  A pure thriller and page turner revolving around an unsolved disappearance that has lasted nearly four decades.

Make the OWL one of your “Staycation” Stops!

Museum passes offered at the OWL : click here for more info Passes now come with our new fabulous binders stuffed filled with all the information you will need for your excursions from directions to exhibits!

Adult Programs for the Summer- click here! Join us for a host of free evenings out.

Finally the Children’s Be Creative @Your Library Summer Reading Program has begun. We have programs for everyone – birth to teen. Click here for more info

This post is written by Audra– who has moved the said monstrous binder from table to daughter’s chair back to the table in front of her “spot”   and it STILL has not been cleaned up or disposed of– the battle begins….

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