The Joke’s On Me!


I always cringe when someone asks me, “Do you want to hear a joke?” Usually each riddle reflects a phobic or ism that I would rather not learn about the person. But sometimes, it keeps me on my toes. 

This week a teen asked me to guess his favorite word, “It begins with an ‘f’ and ends with a ‘uck.'”  I was trying to quickly think about how to properly respond when he answered, “Firetruck.” I kindly reminded him that “fire truck” is actually two words, and offered to show him the dictionary section of the library.

I took this story home to my husband who knew the punch line. “You did not tell him to go find a dictionary, did you?!” he gasped in disbelief. “You just lost a teen for life!” he added.

Here at OWL, we’ve been learning things about each other’s sense of humors in the form of different mediums. A new DVD series came in and I was told that I had to watch it in order to keep my job here. I took the IT Crowd (DVD COMEDY IT) home and watched it with my Firetruck husband. It chronicles the life of two Information Technology guys who work in a corporate office. Take the elevator down to the basement, climb over the maintenance equipment and you’ll find their “office.” The premise sounds great, but the physical humor was lost on us.

When I reported back, with my letter of resignation in hand, I was asked, “What do you think is funny, then?!”

My answer resulted in a war among librarians. Sides were taken, battles were fought, and we all agreed to disagree.

Here are some of the books, DVDs and CDs that came up in battle:


Essays by David Sedaris (814.54 SED)
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Me Talk Pretty One Day

Enjoy deadpan essays about growing up in North Carolina with a bunch of sisters, one who ended up becoming the lead actress on Strangers with Candy (Amy Sedaris).


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (DVD ACTION KIS)

A black comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. as a thief-turned actor shadowing a private detective for research purposes (Val Kilmer).

Jeeves & Wooster (DVD COMEDY JEE)

Enjoy Hugh Laurie before his “House” days. This goofy British comedy features Laurie as Wooster, a young rich man whose calendar is filled with unwanted social engagements. His valet-turned-butler, Jeeves, helps save the day with his undying wit.

Office Space (DVD COMEDY OFF)

If you don’t know about the red stapler, you’d better find out! (Plus, I love anything that has Post-It Notes in it!)

Twelve Terrible Things (YA KEL GRAPHIC)

This is a picture book for teens and adults. Imagine the things you were most scared of as a child and see them in action in this book.

Captain Underpants Series (J PIL SERIES)

Laugh your way through adventures as the Captain “Tra-la-laaaas” his way through Talking Toilets and Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space.

The Many Comedies of Will Ferrell (DVD COMEDY section)
Talladega Nights
Ladies Man

So, what’s your brand of humor?

Lisa Shaia is the children’s librarian who spends Thursday nights with Michael Scott.

3 thoughts on “The Joke’s On Me!

  1. — how on earth can you NOT find the IT Crowd funny and yet you like the humor in Office???
    It is a good thing you are a Sox Fan or else we would have to accept your letter of resignation..
    Great blog!

  2. Yes IT Crowd Rocks! Thankfully you listed Office Space as a top favorite so you get a pass through…. BTW, who has my stapler?

  3. Another fan of The IT Crowd here.

    That aside, what is the story with librarians and Post-It Notes? It seems to border on obsession!

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