Just one day… PLEASE I beg of you…

Just one day is all I ask– with NO mention of dirt, soil, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, kale– green house, GARDEN, GARDENING …. get it? I am one of three(I think) staff here at the OWL that is NOT in love with tilling the earth. Blah blah blah is what I hear when my fellow(loved) co -workers begin bubbling forth with euphoria on their gardening exploits. Spring is a difficult time here…. gardening is like a drug for these ladies. Beginning in April they start talking about their “goods” they have ordered and with a twinkle in their eye they talk to me like I actually understand what it is they are saying– I mean what is a heirloom tomato or a spanky or is it patty cake squash– how do you tell a cucumber from a zucchini? They have secret suppliers and mail order favorites, connections as far as the potato lady from Maine!  As they huddle at the desk or pow wow at lunchtime– their voices quicken and their soil stained hands flail about as they discuss their gardening battles and victories. Sleeves rolled up, revealing leathery tans and battle wounds displayed with pride: poison ivy, blisters on their digits, bug bites galore— talks of Ben Gay and heating pads for the older crowd that elicit smirks and  mutual jokes. Like the aging athlete– just cannot give up the “juice” — the elixir of the harvest 🙂 So they hobble, itch and scratch their way through their library duties knowing what treasures and gardening jewels await them at home.

 Let me set the record straight, I adore all of these fine ladies.  They are healthy vibrant women who add to my wonderful working environment. With their healthy lunches filled with their crunchy spoils from toiling the earth, they make me want to be healthier — I AM healthier for working here at the OWL. 

However there are times– that my partner in crime and I sneak in our PBJ on white bread, chips &  juice and PRAY that someone does not walk in and see what we are eating. —- the soft squishy white bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth after the first bite, glued together with smooth creamy peanut butter bathed with globs of sugar laden  all american grape  jelly ! With guilt and shame we sneak in the elicit contraband– Cheetos(Papa Chester would be proud)—with our orange stained fingers we scurry out of the staff room– and eat shamefully at our desks. We happily eat and talk about the kind of dirt we like– the kind found on the baseball field. Give me batting averages, league standings & wash it down with a little Yankee bashing… not aphids, weeds,pruning or broccoli.

It is people like me that appreciate the hardwork of farmers and gardeners and will gladly shop at the wonderful farmers markets in our area. I may not have been bitten by the gardening bug but I do love the fresh locally grown food!

Kudos to theLitchfield Community Center as well and their new community garden initiative.

 For those of you that are like me:

Eat this Not That! by David Zinczenko. 613.25 ZIN a book that gives you healthier suggestions for those “bad” foods we eat.

OR IF you are really like me and can be found lounging around on your lawn chair with your nose in a book while your friends are getting dirty and high on fresh compost– New Fiction just in at the OWL, some of my all time favorite authors have new books out!! Now really, wouldn’t you rather be reading???

Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson. FIC DAV  Another Goldie Schulz romp filled with humor, recipes and murder.

Wicked Prey by John Sandford. FIC SAN John Sandford never disappoints me. This new Lucas Davenport thriller is filled with more murder and mayhem .

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. FIC PRE I have not read this one yet– . Start with  Relic and work your way up to this new Agent Pendergast thrill ride!

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg. FIC BER  I love Elizabeth Berg and her observations on life and human nature.

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child. FIC CHI What can I say about Lee Child? I love the macho Jack Reacher and his traveling heroics!  Start with Echo Burning and work your way up  to Gone Tomorrow!

coffee-luvin-galThis post is authored by and no surprise, Audra. Who got the idea for this blog from one of the Queen Gardeners herself– now if you will excuse me I am going to down a nice cup of coffee with an Entenmann’s donut……

12 thoughts on “Just one day… PLEASE I beg of you…

  1. HAHAHA! What a wonderful blog! I miss listening to all the gardening chatter at OWL, but I must confess that I gave in to a craving last week for a bologna & american cheese sandwich on white bread with potato chips crushed in the middle–so I can sympathize with both sides. =)

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! This made me laugh really hard! Laughter is the best medicine (for my poison ivy that is on my ear!!) Ha ha ha I’m still laughing!
    Remember when I brought in my sandwich and showed you guys proudly that I was eating some “american” food and you said “Um… it’s not REALLY american because you have cucumbers in it!” Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  3. I am sending in the food police! Haha! (A little wonder bread never hurt anyone.) Kudos for keeping the farmer’s markets alive!

  4. Here are a couple other suggestions (that I know OWL owns) for getting kids to eat their veggies: “Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food” by Jessica Seinfeld (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) and “The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals” by Missy Chase Lapine.

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