My Brain is “Wired” How?!

I think I have made it known that I struggle with reading nonfiction. I am a thriller/mystery kinda gal. However, I am a newspaper and magazine junkie. A perfect day is started with my Waterbury Republican and USA Today accompanied by that hot steamy cup O Joe(thoughtfully made every morning by my husband and he brings me the papers!) If I had time I would read more newspapers but alas work gets in the way 🙂 I guess I will have to wait until retirement to fully immerse myself.

In addition to newspapers, magazines are my next foray into the “realities” of the world. The shiny smooth reads are geared towards one’s particular tastes and or hobbies; they are wonderfully varied according to the reader’s interests, arriving weekly or monthly to enable the reader to stay current and in the “know”. Whether it be People— Is Britney ever going to clean up her act? BusinessWeek— who is stealing our money now? Money– where to invest. Time? Whose mug is magnified on the cover again? Fast cars?  Sports Illustrated— Sox going to win this year? (of course!) I love to look through the cooking magazines. I hardly ever make a recipe from them but the pictures are sure fun!

The OWL has just added one of my favorite magazines, Wired to our collection. In the newest edition the magazine discusses Mapping the Human Brain, “with custom built robots and assembly-line efficiency, scientists are mapping every gene in our most complex organ”(pg90) How cool is that? Wired keeps the pulse on science, technology and everything else in between. It is fun with its brilliant innovative page layout. It speaks on the environment but then has fun little sidebars like how to remove a fish hook from your finger. Strange but it educates & provides humor within its pages. I look forward to this ‘zine in my mailbox every month. I loved the pics of the slices of brains and how they are mapping out our complexities. I would never pick up a book on this but the article was interesting and just long enough to hold my attention . This is what draws me to the magazines–Not too short, not too long and nice color photos– Little snippets of fun factiods and the ability to stay current in many avenues of the life around me. I figure some of the reading or perusing will sink some knowledge into the noodle…. perhaps when then slice my brain up the knowledge will come spilling forth– scary thought to think of what will “fall out in my mapping”

Explore the OWL’s magazine racks and enjoy a warm spring day reading them outside! You can check them out for one week except the newest edition– we have to keep that in house.

Click here for a list from our catalog

My favorites include:

 Bon Appetit

 Emslie Room @ The OWL
Magazines in the Emslie Room @ The OWL


Business Week



This post is written by Audra, who is noticing how much a slice of brain resembles cauliflower(I knew there was a reason I disliked that vegetable!)


PS- did you know you can access magazines electronically via ICONN(The Connecticut State Library Search Engine)? Click on ICONN from (located on our front page) From ICONN click on “Popular Magazines”

One thought on “My Brain is “Wired” How?!

  1. Do you guys subscribe to THE WEEK magazine? If not, you really should. Keeps you up on everything important that happened in the previous week, making sure to give both sides of every story. It also reprints thought-provoking columns and essays, quotes, political cartoons, reviews of books, films, music, new products, and theatre, good TV shows to watch in the upcoming week, and interesting, funny, and quirky tidbits of info about the world we live in and its people. Plus articles about health and science, travel, food, business, real estate, and recent obituaries of people who made a difference in the world in some way. It also includes a crossword and sudoku puzzle. Most issues have fewer than 50 pages (they sift through all the extraneous stuff and stick to what’s important in each article)and very few ads. So, if you can’t tell already, I really recommend this magazine! 🙂

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