“Oh MAMA you said the “S” word!”

This is the first thing I heard after I had literally WIPED out on a huge patch of ice on the sidewalk along South Street during our last snow & ice storm. After I realized what the heck had happened and cleared the stars swirling around my eyes- I looked up to see my 11 year old daughter fighting back a very large grin. She finally asked if I was ok..giggle giggle. and then once again exclaimed “Mom I cannot believe you screamed the “S”word. It happened so fast, my feet just totally came out from under me and SPLAT for all of Litchfield to see! Believe me I am glad no other @!$ came out of my mouth because they were certainly swirling around in my head!
This was a very comical moment to Kate and she chuckled all the way to school. The first words to her father when he walked in the door that evening were “Guess what happened today?” Mom fell AND she swore! Which was proceeded by some good ribbing and laughing during dinner–

While this was all good fun (at my expense) I am tired of this weather. The bone chilling cold makes me grumpy. I think we all need to thaw out and see some green on the trees. We are the hardy New Englanders but come ON enough already 🙂

From the grumblings I have heard at the circulation desk, I can speculate with some certainty that I am not the only one suffering this March! My escape through this long winter has been traveling through the stacks at the OWL– carrying me away from the cold ice on my derriere.

Disquiet by Julia Leigh. (Adult New Fiction) FIC LEI
“Accompanied by two young children, a young woman has left a violent marriage and returned to her childhood home, an austere chateau surrounded by formal gardens. She considers herself to be already ‘murdered’, dead before dying. At the same time as this unannounced homecoming another couple are expected at the chateau: her brother Marcus and his wife Sophie are due back from the hospital with their newborn. In this brittle world of emotional control, everyone tries to hold themselves together as a tragic secret pushes them towards breaking point… “Disquiet” is disturbing, atmospheric, subtle and quite brilliant.”(Amazon) This is dark tale moves quickly as it is only 128 pages. Beautifully written while VERY disturbing… a must read!

School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister( Adult New Fiction)FIC BAU
“The novel takes up the story of each of her students, navigating readers through the personal dramas, memories and musings stirred up as the characters handle, slice, chop, blend, smell and taste. Each student’s affecting story—painful transitions, difficult choices—is rendered in vivid prose and woven together with confidence. Delivering memorable story lines and characters while seducing the senses, Bauermeister’s tale of food and hope is certain to satisfy.”(Amazon) A debut novel that leaves you hungry for a meal and for another novel written by Bauermeister!

I really enjoyed the following graphic novels. Never read a graphic novel? Check one out and enjoy the wonderful artwork and the quirky yet dark stories spun by the authors.

Coraline by P. Craig Russell. YA RUS GRAPHIC

Locke and Key by Joe Hill. YA HIL GRAPHIC

True Colors by Kristen Hannah. (New Adult Fiction) FIC HAN
Kristen Hannah has become one of my favorite authors for the “chick lit” side of me. Not too soft and syrupy and just enough meat to the story. In this novel, Hannah explores the bonds of sisterhood and family with an interesting twist in the end. I also enjoyed Fire Fly Lane by Hannah.

Blood Trail by C.J. Box. FIC BOX
Forest Ranger Joe Picket is back in his 8th adventure which begins with an elk hunter who is gruesomely murdered. I love this series written by C.J. Box. A mystery series written with the grand expanse of Wyoming as the backdrop for his adventures.

Heat Lighting by John Sandford. (New Adult Fiction) FIC SAN
What can I say about John Sandford– Rarely does he disappoint! Pick any one of his Lucas Davenport series or now, his Virgil Flowers series and off you go on a wild ride with the Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension.

Bones by Jonathan Kellerman. (New Adult Fiction) FIC KEL
Again– another series that I just have to keep up on! Psychologist Alex Delaware and his detective friend Lt. Milo Sturgis are off on their 23rd adventure of murder and mystery– 4 dead corpses are found in a Bird Marsh and all have severed off right hand…..

Saffron Kitchen by Yasmin Crowther. FIC SAF
This was my favorite read of the winter. My book club picked this book and I am certainly glad they did! It is a wonderful book about life for women in Iran, relationships between husbands and wives, daughters and mothers and the consequences of their actions.

This post was written by Audra–(who should have gotten her mouth washed out with soap)

3 thoughts on ““Oh MAMA you said the “S” word!”

  1. Youare so, so funny…the perils of being human and a parent (with children present) during such “trying” times. I don’t think I heard you at 3 West.

    As always, thanks for the great book recommendations! Can’t wait to dive in …my summer reading list is full!

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