Electronic Elixir………

On Friday mornings while I am off from my duties of Adult Services Librarian extraordinaire, I begin my duties as housekeeper number one. To make my mundane yet ever so important duties more enjoyable( are they ever?) I turn my TV onto the cable music channels—I take this opportunity to “sample” all kinds of music. One morning I stumbled upon the Electronica channel. It piqued my interested —What is this magical rhythmic sound I am listening to?  So I dashed off to my pc and tried to search for more information on the Internet. I started at Wikipedia, which appeared to be as confused I was:

The entry began with the following warnings :
*This article or section has multiple issues. Please help improve the article or discuss these issues on the talk page. It needs additional references or sources for verification. Tagged since May 2008.

*It appears to contradict itself. Tagged since May 2008.

*It may contain original research or unverifiable claims. Tagged since May 2008.

*An editor has expressed concern that the article is unbalanced. Tagged since May 2008.

Not a good start so I decide to ditch the wikipedia entry—if anyone can correct the wikipedia issue, go for it! Hence the beauty of open source on line communities, share the knowledge!

Encyclopedia Britannica defines Electronica as: dance music featuring extensive use of synthesizers, electronic percussion, and samples of recorded music or sound.What I can surmise from my search is, it has emerged as music mixed with electronic means that is more for listening and less for dancing. Technology induced poetic music perhaps? The lyrics are far more poetic than the “pop dance” music which adds to the ethereal enjoyment.
Bottom line is this: All I know is that I have fallen in love with this boppin’ sound. Some of it is , lay on the couch and veg out to the vibes and some of it is, get  off the couch and shake it(no, I don’t)! My journey into learning more  continues–
I invite you to join me in my discovery! Imbibe the electronic elixir..

Here are a few of the  OWL’s Electronica/Dance holdings in the music section:

Portishead. Third CD ELECTRONICA POR
“The music is filled with a sense of emotional fracture and deep gloom. “Silence” opens with a dense drum loop which suddenly falls away to reveal the singer’s voice, cold but magnificent: “Wounded and afraid, inside my head/Falling through changes”. “Nylon Smile”, meanwhile, is a fine example of Third‘s occasional folksy edge, an acoustic song reminiscent of Leonard Cohen that, around its midpoint, lifts off on a propulsive electronic rhythm, Gibbons holding one clear, hard note as synthesisers bubble beneath. At times, it’s a harsh and foreboding listen: the electronic drums of “Machine Gun” might put off the listener hoping for smooth dinner party fare. But Third is a brave and forward-thinking return, and one great enough to justify its lengthy gestation.” (–Louis Pattison )

DJ CAM. DJ-Kicks. CD DANCE/ELECTRONICA “Cam calls his own sound ‘abstract hip hop’, & his acclaimed album, Substances, offers a definition: streetwise beats laced with film samples, jazzy touches, eastern influences & great swathes of symphonic strings. As often as not the rhythm is implied rather than present, but hip hop provides both the music’s structure & its production technique.”(-Amazon.com)

The Chemical Brothers. Push the Button. CD ELECTRONICA CHE “The first half  of this album is filled with collaborative efforts. Q-Tip is featured on the album opener “Galvanize”. “The Boxer” features Tim Burgess of the Charlatans UK. “Believe” features Britpop Kele Okereke of Bloc Party. The first half is heavy on a solid mixture of break beats, acid house, fusion and trip hop. There is a definite mood shift latter on in the album. Tracks like “Close Your Eyes,” “Marvo Ging,” and “Surface to Air,” which are mostly instrumentals, rank among the best tracks on the album.”  (–Alan Pounds)

Thievery Corporation. Cosmic Game. CD ELECTRONICA THI  “There’s always been a psychedelic edge to Rob Garza and Eric Hilton’s Thievery Corporation project. 2000’s Mirror Conspiracy is a downtempo classic precisely because of its druggy expansiveness; sober listeners and saucer-eyed trippers alike could find common ground. Similarly esoteric and nocturnal, The Cosmic Game floats around the room on a wave of mystic beats and guest vocals from Perry Farrell, The Flaming Lips‘ Wayne Coyne, and David Byrne. Garza and Hilton are less devoted to non-electronic sources here than they were on The Richest Man in Babylon or The Outernational Sound, though their fascination with dub rhythms and world music remains intact. A fair amount of armchair travel is involved as you go from the late, late-night, beach-club-in-Jamaica sound of “Amerimacka,” to the Brazilian percussion of “Ambicion Eterna” and “Pela Janela.” But more than anything, the record feels like a return to the duo’s own ethereal sonic roots. It’s a nice blend of their music over the last half-decade for longtime fans, and a hazy glide down the rabbit hole for newcomers. “(–Matthew Cooke )

So far I have enjoyed Portishead, Chemical Brothers and Thievery Corporation immensely. I also have enjoyed investigating the artists and finding out more about the music. I have come to realize that it is an eclectic mix of all sounds and I have only scratched the surface!

This post is written by Audra,who is enjoying the “hazy glide down the rabbit hole” and whose home is still a mess…

2 thoughts on “Electronic Elixir………

  1. Audra discovers the world of da underground … electronica, chill, dub, ambient, jungle, house, deep house, did I say jungle, drum’n’bass (DnB), intelligent DnB, deep DnB, trip hop, progressive, trance, did I say jungle … and so much more. So many realms, and only two ears…

    Once you go through the door, there may be no way back. And that’s a good thing.

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