I have a “Novel” Idea for you…..

Greetings fellow readers and library lovers! I bring to you exciting news of a new and upgraded on-line service offered to OWL Patrons. The on-line readers extravaganza is called Novelist Plus.( You will need your OWL barcode number to access site)

What is Novelist Plus you ask? Allow me to divulge this amazing website to you:

It is an online “suite” if you will, of Readers’ Advisory products and services. There are now over 150,000 fiction titles, and over 4000 custom created articles and lists. The OWL just added Novelist Plus which includes 50,000 nonfiction titles.

Here is a quick sampling of the wonderful advisories Novelist offers:

Have a favorite author that you have exhausted all of his or her works? Use the “Author Read-alikes” key to find similar writers and their works. Novelist also has a fabulous “Recommended Reads” category.

Browse “Award Winner” categories or read about your favorite author in the “Author Biographies” section.

Belong to a book club? Stumped as to what to read and discuss? Use Novelist’s “Book Discussion Guides” and  the “Featured Articles” to get you started.

For children, there are also Award Winners, BookTalks, Recommended Reads as well as Curriculum Standards and Connections. You can find crafts and lessons that connect to the books. Novelist breaks down the categories by age and reading levels to make it easier to pick and choose for your child or young adult. One search that I personally find very handy is the “Series” search tab, it lists in order, the books that are in a particular series– for example Magic Tree House, A to Z Mysteries or even Adult Series like the Agent Pendergast trilogy I so love!

For ease and future enjoyment I would advise one to create a user name and password once you access Novelist Plus(click on create account). With an account you can create folders and save your searches. Create a list for yourself of books and authors you would like to read. Another fine item in Novelist is that the website is linked to the OWL catalog. Click on “check your library catalog” to see if we have the particular book and then request it!

Need help? Please feel free to contact yours truly, Audra MacLaren and set up a Book a Librarian session.

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