Let Me Tell You About a Boy I Know…

Last weekend I decided that I needed to clean my car out– completely. My car is not a garbage can but it needed a good wipe down and a vacuum, a little de-cluttering.

I started in my trunk– the abyss in which everything seems to get chucked. Underneath the sandpails, blankets, sand, sneakers, sweatshirts and baseball gloves, I unearthed a buried treasure, a long lost cassette holder. With happiness and excitement, I cracked the case open and started to rifle through my cache. The collection is mostly made up of homemade tapes. A cherished menagerie of my favorite songs and performers. I quickly placed the collection on my front seat in anticipation of playing one in my next commute. However, upon popping a tape in the player, I found out that my cassette player had met its demise There were a few special mixed tapes however, that remain very dear to me and I was most disappointed I could not listen to them!

Remember the good old mixed tape? — the topic even has its own wikipedia entry. The mixed tape was often used as a romantic gesture or a “special gift”. It has even found its way written into subplots in situational comedies(Friends). However, the mixed tape has gone away with the 8 track and vinyl records to make way for the digital “play list”.

Thankfully, most of the my cassettes have been already replaced by cds in my house. But the infamous “mixed tapes” from my husband that he made in 1997 could not be duplicated with just one cd . I remember clearly when he gave me this one tape — it was Easter and I was pregnant with our second daughter. I remember listening to the cassette as I embarked on my then long commute of 45 minutes to work. I recall laughing out loud almost the whole way to work — the songs on this tape were not the expected list of our favorite songs And the tracks were not songs that I would have guessed in a MILLION years. Together we would listen to Van HalenPink Floyd, Pearl Jam, STYX, Judas Priest— you get the picture.( I am not sure you want to but nevertheless you get it) Instead this tape was filled with songs that would remind me of HIM and that ” rare softer” side of my husband– It is my absolute favorite “mix” of songs and to this day 11 years later it still cracks me up. Isn’t that the one of the many beauties of music? The power to invoke emotions and memories(or as my fellow bloggers pointed out, a sign of the times & activism–)? maybe a souvenir of our yesterdays? Perhaps to remind us of that other side of your spouse that gets lost in the everyday shuffle of life and kids?

To recreate my “mixed tape” assemblage onto my “playlist” I have to unearth our entire cd treasury– a task that will be time consuming but FUN. If you are curious, I have supplied a sampling of my compilations all of which you can find in the awesome music selections at the Oliver Wolcott Library. The OWL has a marvelous batch of all genres from Alternative to Vocal with everything in between. Come check a few out to pop in your cd player for your commute!

The Ulimate Playlist

Anticipation by Carly Simon. Reflections CD FOLK-ROCK SIM

Money Burns a Whole in My Pocket by Dean Martin. Best of Dean Martin CD VOCAL MAR

Bandstand Boogie(this song gave me a huge guffaw)by Barry Manilow. Ultimate Manilow CD VOCAL MAN

Wouldn’t It Be Nice by Beach Boys. Very Best of the Beach Boys CD ROCK BEA

I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra. Songs For Swingin’ Lovers CD VOCAL SIN

You’re My Best Friend by Queen. Queen Greatest Hits CD ROCK QUE

Crazy by Patsy Cline. Twelve Greatest Hits CD VOCAL CLI

Sweet Dreams (of you) by Patsy Cline. Twelve Greatest Hits CD VOCAL CLI

Do-Re-Mi . Sound of Music Soundtrack CD VOCAL SOU . Try to refrain from singing this song? Impossible!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Mary Poppins Soundtrack J CD MAR

Come on Get Happy by Partridge Family. Greatest Hits The Partridge Family CD SOUNDTRACK PAT

I think I love you by Partidge Family . Greatest Hits The Partidge Family CD SOUNDTRACK PAT

Fever by Peggy Lee. Greatest Hits CD VOCAL LEE

and the last song on the playlist:

Hallelujah, I just Love Him So by Peggy Lee. The lyrics pretty much sum it up:

“Let me tell you about a boy I know
He’s my baby and he loves me so
Every morning ‘fore the sun comes up
He brings me coffee in my favorite cup”

This Post is written by Audra… after 16 plus years still gets coffee in her favorite cup!

6 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About a Boy I Know…

  1. Best blog ever! I laughed out loud and almost got a little tear in my eye–too sweet! I love it! I too have very special mixed tapes–one was our wedding dance mix–ha ha!

  2. Excellent blog! It brought a tear to my eye. Witty & tender!
    Made me think of my own “mixed tapes” days. I’ll have to check out your music picks. Thanks, Audra.

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