My summer fling…

…with light fiction, that is!  :o)                      

For some reason I am usually drawn to non-fiction.  I was once chided by my sister-in-law for my choice of poolside reading, which was works of philosophers.  In my defense, they were paperbacks at least!  But this summer I changed.  It all started when I had the urge to read light-as-a-feather fiction.  As I was reading some Katie Fforde and loving it, I vaguely recalled reading something of hers before.  Sure enough, I consulted my reading journal (which Ann Marie so wisely advised me to keep when I began writing for the blog) and there in black & white was my unfavorable review of Bidding For Love which I had begun to read in October of 2007.  Then I began to understand what some of my colleagues had meant by “seasonal” reads.  I was surprised that my taste could vary so much from season to season.  Anyway, here I am in the middle of summer, reading every bit of Katie & Sophie I can lay my hands on.  Katie Fforde & Sophie Kinsella, that is.  I’d better hurry up and read it all before I change back into my former self at the stroke of midnight on September 21st! 

On a side note, both authors are British and since I’ve been reading so much of them, I’ve been finding myself using the colloquialisms I’ve found in their books.  For instance, I’ve been wearing my green “wellies” out in the garden and when my husband showed me something funny I said “Cheeky!”  I don’t actually know what the words mean, but it’s fun to use them!  :o) 

Sophie Kinsella is the pen name of Madeleine Wickham, and she writes as both authors.  As Sophie she has mastered the present tense, which is one of the things I liked the best about her.  I did find myself laughing out loud while reading every one of her books.  As Madeleine Wickham she writes a little darker but just as fun. 

To read Sophie Kinsella’s blog, click here!

As Sophie, she’s written the Shopaholic Series which is all about Becky Bloomwood, the financial journalist with a little problem… Confessions of a Shopaholic is being made into a movie, set to release in February 2009.  I can’t wait!  :o)  Here are the 5 titles in the series, the names speak for themselves:

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Shopaholic Ties the Knot   

Shopaholic & Sister  

Shopaholic & Baby

The following titles are also by Sophie Kinsella and are in the same fun style:

Can you keep a secret?  Emma confesses all her secrets to a stranger on a plane.  The stranger turns up in her professional life and soon all her secrets are out! 

The Undomestic Goddess   Samantha runs away when she finds out she made a huge mistake at her job.  Through a misunderstanding, she takes on employment as domestic help to a wealthy couple.  The only trick is, she doesn’t know how to cook, clean or iron!   

Remember Me?   Lexi wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the past 3 years.  She suddenly is rich, toned & married to a gorgeous man.  Is she happy now that all of her dreams have come true? 

Girls Night In  Sophie Kinsella has a short story in this collection called Changing People where an interior design fiasco ends in true love.  

Of Madeleine Wickham’s I have only read The Gatecrasher but I thought it was very well done.  It was a romance that begins with a woman who finds rich widowers and takes them for all they are worth.  Here is a listing of most of her other books.   

The Tennis Party  Three couples who are “friends” get together for a cut-throat house party/tennis tournament weekend.

A Desirable Residence  An entangled marital drama surrounds a real estate sale.    

Swimming Pool Sunday   Louise & her estranged husband get into a battle over an accident at an annual swimming party. 

Cocktails for Three  On the first day of May three businesswomen meet for cocktails and reveal all their (potentially damaging) secrets to each other. 

Sleeping Arrangements  Two different couples find that the owner of their vacation villa double-booked their stay.  Even more disconcerting is that one half of each couple has a secret past together. 

Katie Fforde writes sweet romances and usually has something about cooking or gardening in them, which makes them extra fun.  I also like how she has several different plotlines going at once, and several blooming romances.  

To read Katie Fforde’s blog, click here!  

Here is a sampling of Katie Fforde’s books: 

2000 Second Thyme Around (Thyme Out in UK) Perdita delivers her produce to restaurants in town and finds her ex-husband taking over the kitchen in one of them.   

2003 Paradise Fields  Nel, a widow with teenage children, finds love while fighting to keep the land her farmer’s market has been using for years. 

2004 Restoring Grace  Grace, recently divorced, and living in a big empty house, suddenly finds herself with 2 new housemates and lots of drama. 

2005 Bidding For Love (Flora’s Lot in UK) Flora’s uncle leaves her 50% of his auction house when he dies.  She and her pregnant cat decide to start a new life.  

2006 Practically Perfect   An interior designer gets in over her head, trying to renovate a run-down country cottage.  Peppered with different love interests. 

2007 Going Dutch & 2008 Wedding Season are coming soon to the library!

 Jesse Lee Harmon is the bookkeeper and library assistant at the Oliver Wolcott Library and is currently humming the song Stickin’ to you off of Eric Bibb’s album, A Ship Called Love

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