The Sounds of Summer

“Miss Tricia, what’s your favorite song?” I was asked this at my weekly lunch bunch program this past Tuesday and looked up to see several preteen female faces looking at me with intense curiosity. Would I mention a musician they knew? Was I too a fan of the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, or one of the post-Kelly Clarkson American Idol winners? I was dumbstruck and couldn’t think of a cohesive answer. The next logical question followed: “If you don’t have a favorite song, then what singers do you like?” I told the girls that I liked a performer named David Bowie (blank stares) and that I loved Motown (a glimmer of recognition). I finally got a reaction when asked about the first concert I went to:

me: “I went to see Beck when I was in 10th grade.”

young lady #1: “Really?! My mom loves him!”

It was then that the room got a little quiet…It was official, Miss Tricia liked the same music as their parents and there went my street cred with the 10-14 set at the library.

After this wonderfully sweet conversation with my lunch bunchers I kept thinking about the power of music. The girls were exclaiming over their favorite songs and musicians with so much passion and excitement! I distinctly remember being that age and buying my first (gulp) cassettes at the mall. It was at this time that I started exploring music that I liked instead of passively listening to the music my parents played at home and in the car. I was in middle school when Seattle grunge was at its peak–Nirvana, Soundgarden, and my personal favorite–Pearl Jam. This was my first musical renaissance.

It was after college that I experienced my second musical rebirth. It was at this time that I stopped questioning and apologizing for my music tastes. I didn’t care what was or wasn’t cool–most hipsters would accept and encourage my interest in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but they would be horribly disappointed that I own not one but two Leann Rimes CDs. However, it was around the age of 23 that I embraced all of my musical choices and quirks. I no longer find it strange that Pearl Jam, Elvis Presley, and Puccini arias occupy the same page in my CD binder (yes, I alphabetize my CDs, don’t be so surprised I am a librarian after all).

I love music and what I’m listening to at any given moment has to do with my mood, the weather, my current task, and the company I’m with. Here are some of my summer favorites that can be found here at OWL:

Mexican Spaghetti Western performed by Chingon. Director Robert Rodriguez and members of the Austin music community play fun mariachi inspired rock and roll featured in Rob-Rod’s films. My favorite song on the album is Malaguena Salerosa. CD ROCK CHI

During the summer months I love listening to anything & everything by the Cure. Their CDs can be found in the rock and alternative sections. CD ROCK CUR / CD ALTERNATIVE CUR

Leela James debut album, A Change is Gonna Come is wonderful! Her voice is smooth and sultry and the songs are great for a hot summer night. CD R&B JAM (In this same vein I also want to highly recommend my favorite Erykah Badu album Baduizm — it’s fantastic. CD JAZZ BAD)

As I’ve previously mentioned I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, especially their first album Fever to Tell. Their lead singer Karen O is the most awesome rock chick I’ve ever seen (or heard). CD ALTERNATIVE YEA

One last summer recommendation is to check out any project of Jack White’s, whether it be a White Stripes album (these can be found in CD ROCK WHI & CD ALTERNATIVE WHI), Broken Boy Soldiers by the Raconteurs (CD ALTERNATIVE RAC), or Van Lear Rose (his collaboration with Loretta Lynn found in CD COUNTRY LYN). I love Jack White and think he is one of the most talented musician/singer/songwriter/performer/producers in contemporary music.

What do you like to listen to in the summer?

~Tricia is the youth librarian at OWL and can’t help but add one more recommendation: Junior Senior’s latest offering Hey Hey My My Yo Yo –it’s pure fun and I DARE you to listen to it and NOT smile and dance. CD DANCE JUN

One thought on “The Sounds of Summer

  1. Great blog! I can’t think of any summer songs right now but I do know that every autumn I like to put on “Big Indian” by the Rhinestones.

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