Birdfoot’s Grampa

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, we will be giving all patrons who visit the library a different poem (by a different poet) each day. All of the staff participated in selecting our favorite poems to share with the community. Inaugurated in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, the goal of National Poetry Month is to increase awareness and appreciation for our poetic heritage and living poets. Here’s one of my favorites:

Birdfoot’s Grampa by Joseph Bruchac

The old man

must have stopped our car

two dozen times to climb out

and gather into his hands

the small toads blinded

by our light and leaping,

live drops of rain.

The rain was falling,

a mist about his white hair

and I kept saying

you can’t save them all,

accept it, get back in

we’ve got places to go.

But, leathery hands full

of wet brown life,

knee deep in the summer

roadside grass,

he just smiled and said

they have places to go, too.


A sampling of some of the poets we’ll feature:

The Collected Poems by Wallace Stevens 811 STE

Colors Passing Through Us: Poems by Marge Piercy 811.54 PIE

Death and Taxes by Dorothy Parker 811 PAR

I Shall Not Be Moved by Maya Angelou 811 ANG

Jim’s Fine Poetry by Jim Kelleher 811.54 KEL

Robert Frost: poetry and prose by Robert Frost 818 FRO

Selected Poems: 1956- 1968 by Leonard Cohen 811 COH

Selected Poems of William Carlos Williams by William Carlos Williams 811 WIL

Turtle Island by Gary Snyder 811 SNY

Please do browse our poetry collection located in the 800’s to find your favorite poems and to discover new ones! And, be sure to stop in each day in April to receive our selected poem of the day.

~Ann Marie

Ann Marie is the Library Director for the Oliver Wolcott Library.

3 thoughts on “Birdfoot’s Grampa

  1. April is a wonderful time to celebrate poetry because nature around us is starting to bloom and bring to our mind beautiful images & verse…
    Thank you for sharing that sweet poem about the toads. I really like that one and it is again perfect for this time of year.

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