California Dreamin’ on a such a winter’s day…

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day
I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
*California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day…..
UGH!*&%@!! Was all I could say to myself as I dragged myself out of bed last Saturday morning. The snow and ice that accumulated overnight made me long for the warm blue skies again. I wish I was on the beach above– snoozing away in the hammock while my husband caters to my every whim. Some tunes on my ipod and perhaps a cool beverage in my hand.
–Alas, no beach vacation for me so it is back to the little mirage in my head . I can vow to escape the cold next year ~ and in the meantime I can get all the travel books I need at the OWL to plan my dream vacation ……
Fodor’s Bahamas 917.29 FOD
Fodor’s Complete Guide to Caribbean Cruises 917.29 CAR
Fodor’s Maui 919.69 FOD
Fodor’s Arizona & the Grand Canyon 917.91 FOD
We also have a great collection of Travel DVDs for your viewing(dreaming) pleasure:
Enchanted Pacific to the Max DVD Collection:
Australia to the Max DVD TRAVEL AUS
New Zealand to the Max DVD TRAVEL NEW
China to the Max DVD TRAVEL CHI
Hawaii to the Max DVD TRAVEL HAW
Mexico to the Max DVD TRAVEL MEX
Hidden Treaures. Mysteries of Greece and Rome DVD TRAVEL HID
I would most likely plan a trip to Florida . Head to Disney and then on to Fort Myers to check in on the 2007 World Champion Red Sox at spring training. Or maybe participate in their Fantasy Camp– ha! Any place I choose I know the OWL will provide me with the information I need. Don’t forget that MYLibraryDV (downloadable videos–nice travel selection)is also at your fingertips.
Fodor’s Florida 917.59 FOD
Fodor’s Walt Disney World 917.592 FOD
Entry is written by Audra, your sick of winter  librarian assistant
* Mama’s and the Papa’s. CD FOLK-ROCK MAM

One thought on “California Dreamin’ on a such a winter’s day…

  1. What a fun way to promote the travel collection – travel books, DVD’s and downloadable MylibraryDV.

    I’ve used the MylibraryDV on Tuscany. It is terrifc.

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