Year in Review: Part 2


Hello again!  Sorry for the delay in posting Part 2, but it’s been insanely busy here (as usual)–it appears that everyone is in dire need of books, music, and movies!  Anyway…without further ado, here’s a sampling of the past 6 months on the OWL blog:

7/6/07–Short on Time? is a select list of my favorite short fiction.

7/12/07–Vanishing Tigers is all about natural history of tigers and their current perilous status in the wild.

7/19/07–Learn more about Marilyn Monroe in this post written by Jesse.

7/26/07–Nancy Drew, where are you? explores some of the great heroines in children’s and young adult literature.

8/2/07–In Those Little Grey Cells Ann Marie takes us on tour through the mystery section of the DVDs.

8/9/07–Tools for the Psyche discusses the ever popular self-help genre.

8/16/07–If you love Steve McQueen, then you’ll love The King of Cool

8/23/07–Listen Up! defends and encourages the use of audio books, with a bibliograpy of select favorites.

8/30/07– “I investigated all the books at the library, ninety percent of ’em gotta be burned away” It wouldn’t be a complete year of blog posts without at least one centered around the wordsmith Bob Dylan.

9/6/07–The Hippest Shusher recounts some of our director’s most influential life moments involving libraries and librarianship. 

9/13/07–This is a gluten-free blog explores the challenges and benefits of eating gluten-free.

9/20/07–How to Cook follows my own journey towards becoming a better cook.

9/27/07–Balaclava, Manitoba, dharma is a post that explores the beauty and power of words.

10/4/07–I only have to clean the floors…discusses the importance of physical surroundings on the psyche and different ways to encourage organization and positive feelings in your home.

10/12/07–Health & Wellness encourages physical well-being through exercise.  Get up and get moving!

10/18/07–Simplicity of Form is about architect Eliot Noyes and interior re-design of the library.

10/26/07–Why Zombies? explores my undying love for the undead.

11/9/07–Falling for Fall is my love letter to autumn in New England.

11/15/07–Book & Movie Combos recommends some instances where there is something positive and entertaining to be taken away from both the book and the movie. 

11/22/07–Books for Gift Giving is a list of books that make great gifts for friends and family.

11/30/07–In Praise of Series Fiction discusses the role of series books in children’s literature.

12/6/07–My Little Secret–is Audra’s homage to adult series fiction.

12/13/07–In Holiday Indulgence Jesse tells us about some of her favorite seasonal treats.

12/20/07–Isn’t it Romantic? is a list of my absolute favorite romantic movies, music, and books.

12/27/07–The art of the con…is a blog Jesse wrote about the fascinating and entertaining portrayal of the confidence game in cinema. 

1/3/08–50 Ways to Yada Yada Your Life in 2008 is Audra’s refreshing spin on the ever popular New Year’s list.

1/11/08–Releve, eleve, plie…is all about the ballet and our director’s passion for it.

1/18/08–Martin and Malcolm encourages our readers to remember two of the brilliant and complex men who helped shape this country. 

1/24/08–My Friend from 1867 is about the incomparable Laura Ingalls Wilder.

1/31/08–If you have an interest in acting then Break a Leg!

2/7/08–Amo, Amas, Amat…is a list of some of Audra’s Valentine favorites.

Well, we’re all caught up!  We can only hope that you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed writing.  See you again next week!

batgirl1.gif~Tricia is the youth librarian at OWL and loves visiting aquariums, reading the new Nutmeg nominees, drinking chai tea, and watching ESPN.

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