The Year in Review

The OWL blog is 1 year old!  Yay!  Over the past year we’ve written about subjects ranging from Columbo to series fiction to Valentine’s Day! 

Here’s a list of what was on our minds the first half of last year:

2/15/07 — Just One More Thing!  A brief look at our director’s borderline obsession with the work of Peter Falk (especially Columbo).

2/22/07 — Reading Aloud Together  In my first blog entry I recount some of my favorite memories of being read to as a child.

2/28/07 —  What to Watch?  Audra’s top picks of movies to watch with the whole family.

3/8/07 — Vote Here  Read this post to learn a little about Women’s Suffrage.

3/15/07 — Racy Reads  Learn about the harsh terrain of Young Adult literature.

3/21/07 — March is National Noodle Month!!  Enough said.

3/29/07 — Audra’s Countdown to Opening Day.

4/5/07 — How To Choose Books the Whole Family Will Enjoy takes a deeper look at the Illustrated Fiction collection in the children’s room.

4/12/07 — 3 beautiful books… is a glimpse at what I was reading last April.

4/19/07 — Milgram’s classic book and Zimbardo’s new realease takes a look at two books that shine an interesting light on human behavior.

5/4/07 — The Wise Guys are in Your Backyard  This interesting post takes a closer look at crows. 

5/10/07 — My Favorite Nook What’s your favorite corner of the library?

5/18/07 — When All We Needed was a Used Soda Can… encourages everyone to get outside and play (especially little ones).

5/24/07 — Silly Rabbit, Comics Are for Kids…Or Are They?

5/31/07 — Missing a Kick… haiku anyone?

6/8/07 — Don’t mow your grass!  Put it in your teacup! Click on the link to find out more.

6/14/07 — Fast and Fun Summer Reads

6/21/07 — Biking through the Foreign Films Some of Jesse’s favorite foreign films involving bicycles.

6/29/07 — Last Stop on the Hogwarts Express takes a look at the wonder of Harry Potter.

Come back on Monday to continue the recap of the OWL Blog Year One. 

Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for reading!

batgirl1.gif~Tricia is the youth librarian at OWL and will be enjoying Chinese food and a night at the movie’s this Valentine’s Day.

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