Amo, Amas, Amat……

I Love, You Love, She(He) Loves 
Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! The day for amorous reflections(confessions) or dare I say, “desires”

As a happily married woman I no longer stress about the “day”. But–I do remember the horror of a certain Valentine’s Day way back when — a certain blind date comes to mind. Black polyester pants, white shirt and every  knick knack he could find at the “super mart”  in his hands! It wasn’t the guy but the whole idea of the “date” and Valentine’s Day –not my thing. But there I was stuck because it was a double date with the matchmakers. To this day I have not forgiven her!

  Sooo in celebrating Valentine’s Day I vote for simple homegrown celebrations– and at the OWL we have plenty to help with the whole shebang……

For your kids we have plenty of cute loveable Valentine stories–

Dumpy Valentine  by Julie Andrews JE EDW. Dumpy the dump truck saves the day delivering Valentines when the mail truck breaks down!

Valentine Express  by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace JP WAL. Minna and Pip make Valentine Gifts after learning about the holiday at school.

  Plan a nice romantic dinner?

Everyday Italian  641.594 Giada De Laurentiis creates simple yet decadent dishes

Hot and Spicy Latin Dishes 641.638 “Delicious recipes that will tango with your taste buds” 

Chocolate by Nick Malgieri 641.637 MAL (what is better than chocolate?)

  Make cards with the kids or just for your one and only?

Valentine Book by Greta Speechley J745.5 SPE 

Creative Greeting Cards by Sandi Genovese 745.59 GEN

Artful Cards by Katherine Duncan Aimone 745.594 DUN

Need help with the composing that love letter? No problem–

The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd 395.4 SHE

Yale Book of Quotations (Reference book) R808.88 YAL

 Set the “mood” with music

Ultra Lounge Collection. The Bachelor Pad Royale

Stoned .Lewis Taylor CD ROCK TAY

Patrizio. The Italian CD CLASSICAL/OPERA PAT


The Art of Romance. Tony Bennett CD VOCAL BEN

Songs for Swingin’ Lovers. Frank Sinatra CD VOCAL SIN

 And PLEASE save yourself from those HORRIBLE blind dates with a comedy or a good “saucy” book- —

Valentine Princess by Meg Cabot YA FIC CAB 16 yr old Mia finds an old diary and enjoys reading what she wrote about her 1st Valentine’s Day.

 Between the Sheets by Robin Wells place a hold New Fiction: FIC WEL.How do you have a life when everyone in America thinks you gave the president-elect a fatal heart attack during an illicit romp?Emma Jamison never thought she’d have to answer that question, but here she is, smack dab in the middle of a political scandal that would make Monica Lewinsky blush.

The Romance Collection~ DVD Comedy ROM . A great collection of movies with Doris Day and Rock Hudson

And just in hot off the press!

Make Me a Match by the Matchmaking Institute 646.77 MAK The 21st Century Guide to Finding and Using a Matchmaker

 From there you are on your own– Hey the OWL can only do so much “magic” 🙂

So whether you are the mushy “I love you” type or the “let’s have some fun” type– show your Valentine a good time!

  This entry is brought to you by Audra–the non mushy valentine type 🙂

PS– an update on my nonfiction reading(new years resolution) I have started to read Baseball Anecdotes(thanks to Mr V) and yes I am liking it. I also just finished the Golf Rules in Pictures(yes it is an adult book)– brushing up on my golf rules– stay tuned for that blog entry 🙂

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