50 Ways to Yada Yada Your Life in 2008

US News and World Report

 As the magazines come into the OWL I like to peruse them. Often I will “check out” the magazines– since working at the OWL I have read magazines that I would not have normally even picked up! I love magazines and newspapers. They are a great gathering of news  snippets or whimsical information. Where else can you read about the caucus in Iowa and then on the same page read about a 300 pound prostitute that stole a “john’s” bicycle ?

   This past week I cataloged the newest issue of U.S. News and World Report and the lead was “50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2008”. Well I don’t know about you but I get sick and tired of all the New Years’ baloney that gets thrown in your face this time of year! The new improved year– start with a new slate. YADA YADA– Phooey– I thought,oh brother here we go again BUT I figured it was a “news magazine” maybe it would have some good insights. Surprisingly, I have to say that is article was DARN good and had some really good pointers!

(Following were taken from US News and World Report December 31st 2008, page 37)

Here are a few:

  #4 Turn work into your workout(if you see me walking in place at the circ desk — now you know why) 

  #5 Waltz your way to better fitness(check out some music or dvds to dance too)

  #7 Bite into dark chocolate(visit my candy dish for this entry)

 #11 Find a book worth talking about:  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

 #12 Change your reading habits( I have decided to read  nonfiction for a change of pace)  OWL Recent Acquisitions Nonfiction & Biographies

#17 Swing by your local library

#26 Get a raise (I couldn’t resist this one)

 #33 ehh what did you say??Listen better

#40 Commit random acts of kindness. (Read Pay it Forward by Catherine R. Hyde for some inspiration or watch the DVD)

# 46 Brew a better cup of coffee  (thanks to Cameron we are on our way) Or check out I Love Coffee by Susan Zimmer 

Look at how many of the entries can be conquered at your local library! It was refreshing to read a “New Year” article that did not focus only on weight or looks– this article just refreshed your ideas and maybe offered a little different focus– Remember the simple things in life and focus your energy on the good stuff!

Read the entire article online or come check out the magazine at the OWL. Remember all magazines EXCEPT the newest issue(the ones with the orange sticker) can circulate up to one week!

              This Entry is written by Audra ( about 6 weeks ’til catchers and pitchers report to Fort Meyers)

One thought on “50 Ways to Yada Yada Your Life in 2008

  1. I’m improving my life by reading great books from OWL! Can’t get enough of the recent acquisitions… what a collection. Thanks to everyone!

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