My Little Secret–


After reading my fellow blogger’s entry about juvenile fiction in series, I had a thought, well actually a few thoughts about adult fiction.  Like children’s series, I find that some adult fiction gets the short end of the stick. It is like a dirty little secret you keep if you find happiness in reading these “cheap series” fictional works.  Sort of like those of us who sneak a peak at the Rag Mags in the grocery store check out line.( I say this because, yes I am guilty of that too– who could resist a sneak peak at Brad Pitt?)These series may not expound a grand message, share some earth shattering awakening or a gut wrenching life altering fiasco but they certainly do entertain and yes even bring comfort. Usually these books act as a filler for me as I look around for a new author or find that “moving” piece of literature. Most of the time, these favorites are like watching TV– welcoming back old characters and learning what they have been up to lately.

Some of my all time old favorites are:

one_shot_us.jpg    Lee Child: Who cannot love the macho ex marine, Jack Reacher?… I wonder where his next adventure will take him and what “babe” he’ll fall for this time around. Very Macgyver-ish

index.jpg   John Sandford: Lucas Davenport as the rich and infallible crime investigator zipping around Minnesota in his Porche. These novels are usually gritty and packed with action to keep you turning the pages.

  Diane Mott Davidson: Goldy Catering is the star of this series. I challenge anyone to read these books and NOT drink an espresso and want a piece of decadent chocolate cake(the book includes recipes for her delicious fare mentioned in the book)

     Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child—  A monster  is running rampant in the New York Musuem of Natural History sucking the brains out of  people– Don’t worry Agent Pendergast saves the day– as he always does. 

I anxiously await the release of new books … I need to find out what happens to Jack Reacher, Lucas or what Goldy is whipping up in her kitchen…I know many of you do as well because these authors have been passed on to me by the faithful readers of the OWL 🙂 I love getting the recommendations almost as much as I do giving them! (remember we have Readers’ Advisory help online too!)

AHHHHHHHH DeliciousWritten by Audra, your friendly neighborhood library assistant

2 thoughts on “My Little Secret–

  1. I agree… sometimes you just need a fun read .. although what I consider fun may not meet the general concensus! Give me a good thriller by Tom Clancy as a bridge between the darn true crime, war accounts, and political exposes’ that I am drawn to like a moth to a light … it’s nice to enter someone else’s imagination once in a while.

    Bathing in a coffee cup? Sign me up! Great thumbnail!

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