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It’s finally here.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be running a half marathon in Baltimore.  A year ago I would not have dreamed this could be possible.  Before my 25th birthday I never ever ran (except for 1 mile, 2X a year for the NYS physical fitness test in grammar school and high school).  However, for the past 9 months I’ve been running, and I’ve really grown to love it.  I still have to psych myself into putting on my workout gear and sneakers and stepping foot out the door, but once I get going there’s nothing else like it.    

I was always more of an “indoor kid” growing up.  I liked reading, watching movies, writing, and assorted handicrafts–I loathed team sports.  I used to say I was bad at sports, but looking back it was more that I was terrified.  I just hated the possibility of being that kid in gym class who struck out in baseball or let an opponent score in soccer, or some other ill-fated maneuver that would cause my classmates to collectively groan and single me out as a spaz. 

It was never the exertion or the activity itself I didn’t like, which was why I loved Project Adventure and individual sports.  Project Adventure is an amazing program that was available in both my middle school and high school on Long Island.  I lived in a large town and there were always multiple options for gym class.  In Project Adventure you did Team Building and climbing.  We had an amazing ropes course and a rock wall that was built into the side of the High School.  I’ve always had a slight fear of heights and climbing was a way for me to face that and to challenge myself without the worry of letting others down.  I found the same satisfaction when I took individual sports like badminton and golf, as well as the two semesters I was enrolled in a self-defense course.  I think this is why running has proven to be the perfect fit for me.  I can push myself and I can excel and I can do it on my own.   

This past year I’ve begun to explore more of the physical activities I had always shied away from.  Since I was a teenager I’ve loved hiking and yoga, but recently I’ve also started going to driving ranges and batting cages.  At the age of 25 I bought my first mit and had my first real catch.  I’ve also bought a pair of ice skates and will be one of the older beginners at the rink behind Town Hall attempting to make it around without falling (too many times, at least).

So, if you haven’t found a physical activity yet that fits your life, KEEP LOOKING and when you find it START MOVING and you’ll see how every aspect of your being (physical, psychological, and emotional) will improve.


Some tools to get you started: This is a great website that allows you to find local running/hiking/biking/walking routes or to log your own.  There is also a workout calculator to help you figure out your pace, the calories you’ve burned, etc.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver 641.097 KIN We all know that when you eat better, you feel better.  This is an wonderful nonfiction title from an amazing storyteller that chronicles a family’s year of eating all fresh and local foods.

I also suggest browsing the 613s for exercise books, the 790s for sports books, and the 641s for some fun healthy cookbooks just to see if anything new catches your eye.

Music to Get You Moving

80’s Cardio Playlist (excerpted from

1.  Let’s Go Crazy by Prince & the Revolution on the Purple Rain Soundtrack CD DANCE PRI 

2.  Into the Groove by Madonna on The Immaculate Collection CD DANCE MAD

3.  I Will Follow by U2 on The Best of 1980-1990 CD ROCK U2

4.  Just Like Heaven by The Cure on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CD ROCK CUR

5.  Modern Love by David Bowie on Best of Bowie CD ROCK BOW

If you skip over the slower songs, the soundtrack to The Wedding Singer (CD SOUNDTRACK WED) has great 80s tunes to work out to, as does MJ’s Off the Wall & Thriller (both CD DANCE JAC).

Batgirl was a librarian! ~Tricia is the Youth Librarian at OWL and loves books, movies, running, Bowie, coffee, and cooking in her new kitchen.

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