My Favorite Nook

  I remember when I was young and would escape to the neighborhood Library Branch in Waterbury. Or as a college student, I would go and hide at the W.C.S.U. Library.  Libraries always seemed like a safe haven for me to squander my time away aimlessly. Whether it would be dodging my chores or just trying to get away from drunken roommates—the library offered me a quiet escape. Now mind you, my homework would get done first but then I would just browse the stacks and pull any book that would interest me~Of course there was always the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzincidental nap time that would freely occur! Did you ever notice how libraries always seem to have that comfy spot hidden away somewhere in a corner or at the end of a long dark stack? So toasty warm in a ray of sunlight—total ME time.  Where is your favorite spot at the OWL? 

Staff Picks (aside from naptime)

Great Graphic NovelAmerican Born Chinese  by  Gene Luen Yang

 Brief History of the DeadGreat pyschological/Fantasy Fiction  by Kevin Brockmeier

Stripped Serial Murder Mystery by Brian Freedman

YAWN…….This meandering is owned by your friendly neighborhood library assistant, Audra  🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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