Countdown til Opening Day!


Opening day is right around the corner—To get me through the cold winter months and the early spring I had to catch up on baseball through reruns on NESN, or online in the Hot Stove Reports and of course, our shelves here at the OWL. Did you know that we have a GREAT selection of books commemorating our VICTORIOUS 2004 SEASON? I love to peruse the color pages of Cursed Reversed by Sporting News—for those die hard fans this is the hardcover version of the magazine they published after the Sox won the world series—
Now I Can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons is a great book that only a true fan can “feel” the title! And yes,sadly, we do have books on the Evil Empire but it would pain me too much to list them here. If you are a parent bringing your child up the RIGHT way, we do have plenty of baseball books in the children’s room.A biography on Big Papi, The History of the Boston Red Sox and The Ball Park a great pictorial of Fenway.

Staff Pics: 

curse.jpgCursed Reversed 796.357 CUR

100-years.jpgRed Sox Century:100 years of Red Sox Baseball

Why Not Us? 796.357 MONwhynotus.jpg

Hartford Courant—great baseball coverage for Connecticut Red Sox Fans

neil.jpgNeil Diamond: Hot August Nights

( Sweet Caroline—)   (nothing better than belting this out with 30,000 people in Fenway– )

redsoxwoolhat.jpgThis meandering is owned by Audra, friendly neighborhood library assistant


4 thoughts on “Countdown til Opening Day!

  1. Thanks for getting us ready for the new season.

    Other fun books about the Red Sox:

    I’ve read “Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship” by David Halberstam. This is a poignant, true story about Johnny Pesky and Dom DiMaggio as they drive to Florida to visit their ailing teammate, Ted Williams.

    I’m about to start “Feeding the Monster” by Seth Mnookin. This book has been getting excellent reviews with the inside story of how the Red sox won their pennant and the World Series.

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