What to Watch?

Over the weekend, I had family visiting. We all wanted to watch a movie together but with our ages ranging from 9 to a 63 -it was tough coming up with a suitable viewing choice. You have to worry, is it clean? is it violent? and let us not forget the language! I went to the OWL website for movie reviews. On IMDB , we were  able to get the local movie times and listings. How convenient! We were able to read reviews and parent evaluations, as well as movie ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The OWL Database is a great resource right at your fingertips — in the comfort of your own home!! And what was even better– the OWL had High School Musical which all of the kids enjoyed– as well as myself– vintage CORNY DISNEY movie 🙂 and the beauty of it all, it was FREE!

 Staff Picks of the Week:

Son of the Bride     DVD FOREIGN SON

House of Cards      DVD MYS/SUSP HOU

Herbie Rides Again!      J DVD HER

This meandering is owned by Audra — your friendly neighborhood library assistant 🙂

One thought on “What to Watch?

  1. Another new-ish family favorite from Disney is Sky High, equally corny in a fun and wonderful vintage Disneyesque manner. =) I watched it with my two younger (22 and 20 year old) brothers the last time we were all at my parents’ house and we really enjoyed watching it together as a family (even though none of us are exactly kids anymore).

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